Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Globond Team Structure

Globond International is pleased to announce a new Management Team structure to operate the organization in order to raise the bar on how we connect and serve our Members, making them even more successful and fulfilled. About the new structure:

First, the main innovative feature of the new team structure is that all the principals are CEOs. Look at the list of titles below and see that the C and O mean what you think, namely Chief and Officer. It is the E that differs for each manager – to convey a sense of her/his primary job focus and orientation.

Secondly, the designation of all managers as CEOs points to their commitment to taking the 100% responsibility that goes with the conventional CEO (Chief Executive Officer) position. Each player on the team is ready to do what she/he has to do to advance the organization and thus help our Members to improve and prosper.

Third, the multiple CEO arrangement dramatically marks Globond as a horizontally aligned organization, with a real management team approach. The conventional hierarchical/vertical structure – too often with one hard-pressed, overburdened and out-of-touch CEO at the top – is showing signs of faltering and even fading. More and more, the future of organizations belongs to flatter structures, thus closer to the customers/members and more agile for responding to changes in the world. And that is where Globond wants to be!


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