Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tectonic Leadership Summit

Presented by Globond International, Inc.

About Tectonic Leaders, June 2009 Summit Summary, & April 2010 Summit Preview
Contact: Larry Rosenberg ( or Kirstin Myers (

Tectonic Leadership Is the Answer

The question: What type of leaders do we need to make a difference in our hard-pressed world? Tectonic Leaders are those who address today’s global humanity-and-Earth-threatening problems, by developing innovative, bold ways to understand them, enroll others, and solve them. The poster-person of a Tectonic Leader is President Barack Obama.

Here is the bind that leaders of nations and organizations find themselves, and what they need to move forward:

  • Leaders’ problems appear to be unsolvable – large, complex, changing and difficult. They need to find new ideas out there to see and solve these most-challenging problems.
  • Leaders’ opponents keep a distance, and become more polarized and shrill. They would benefit from meeting with their opponents to find common ground and turn adversaries into allies.

  • Many of leaders’ followers flip flop easily and quickly – from lionizing to demonizing them, or simply giving mixed signals. Followers should receive continual communication, care and connection to keep them on board.

  • It is lonely at the top. Privileges and handlers surround leaders, giving them little access to new ideas. They would gain from an open forum of diverse people, listening more than speaking, and exposed to innovative ideas.

The purpose of the Tectonic Leadership Summit is to provide a stimulating place for established and emerging leaders to hear new solutions to big problems, speak directly with opponents who want genuine dialogue, and get support from other leaders. Rather than deliver another speech to polite applause, the Summit is where Tectonic Leaders can feel at ease, take in new thoughts, update their strategies, and strengthen their leadership competence.

Background on Tectonic Leadership

Today, the success and even survival of humankind is in jeopardy. Our specie’s impressive progress from hunting to deeper meaning has culminated in global warming, dwindling resources, polarized differences (ethnic, religious, cultural and political), continual wars, and weakening of economic systems and social relationships. Our vaulted progress may well be causing our imminent demise.

So can anything be done? Looking the big issues facing humanity today – all global in scale – it would be easy to feel cynical and hopelessness. But many leaders around the world are instead searching for ways to bridge seemingly impassible ruptures between peoples of differing ideologies, close the growing gap between developed and developing nations, and create sustainable solutions regarding shared natural resources.

Globonders, who themselves are leaders with these issues, requested a forum where those at the forefront of change can be fed with innovative ideas, and tangibly supported in taking action. After discussions about the paradoxes that exist in global challenge, the notion of a leadership summit took shape.

Tectonic Leadership is a metaphor for what is starting to happen in our world, and needs to happen even more.

Tectonic Leaders can be informed by this metaphor: Recognizing how the Earth's tectonic plates interact at their boundaries, understanding the parameters of those boundaries, and appreciate the mighty results. Earthquakes occur as rock elasticity is exceeded, and volcanic eruptions spring from deep tension. These concepts help us comprehend future outcomes. Similarly, human systems can create fault lines and cracks of fear and conflict between groups; until we go beyond our differences, and instead create common intent and commitment to resolve our global challenges.

Attributes of Tectonic Leaders

These are the nine qualities that Tectonic Leaders need to possess:

  1. They comprehend the astoundingly changing conditions of the Earth and humanity, with profound catastrophes on the horizon, and the urgent need for transformation strategies and actions.

  2. They take 100% responsibility for everything in their lives as having been created by them. They make no excuses, and focus only on results.

  3. They are willing to step in the cracks – by taking a 360-degree view of the situation, making themselves vulnerable, and doing things innovatively and boldly.

  4. They are always personally transforming – always learning, changing and growing. They are open to new possibilities. They constantly monitor their egos, and be guided by the greater good and their higher selves.

  5. They know that they must enroll others. They consider all perceptions as valid, honor every view, and seek to negotiate a win-win situation for all parties. They roll up their sleeves and listen with their hearts and heads.

  6. They see the paradox in everything. They use paradoxical thinking to remove the notion of right answers vs. wrong answers. This helps them reverse the distrust, and discover the solutions beyond the paradoxes.

  7. They understand that intention creates manifestation. They focus the group on what needs to be created. If they set an intention that is aligned with their belief systems, they know that they can manifest it.

  8. They go beyond advocacy and favor acceptance, self-responsibility and negotiation. This involves being open to new ways of resolving conflicts. The solution must involve letting go of control to bring about change.

  9. They take bold action. They operate in the real world and the here and now, and devise strategies and implement them systematically and powerfully.

About the First Tectonic Leadership Summit, June 2009

The First Annual Tectonic Leadership Summit, held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Washington DC area, June 25-27, 2009, was a groundbreaking event that brought together 30 prominent speakers and enthused participants, including mainly prominent Globonders (members of Globond International, Inc.) and Friends of Globond (mainly the networks of Globonders). Globond ( is a global membership community for Tectonic Leaders, which since 2002 has facilitated its members achieving enhanced reputations, valued relationships, and increased revenues.

The goals of the Summit included:

  • Establishing standards for Globond’s members, all Tectonic Leaders, and share them with the world.

  • Raising their consciousness regarding change, problems and leadership responsibility and conduct.

  • Providing them with a common language and practical methods of tectonic leadership.

  • Linking them to take action, individually or collectively, to practice tectonic leadership with new projects.

Results of the First Summit

At the Tectonic Leadership Summit in Washington, DC, the participants aligned their intentions, understood who the tectonic leaders were and who they were not, and raised the standard for Globond International to become a powerful global membership community. Speakers from the world over shared their wisdom – in the areas of economic restructuring, personal/professional integrity, health for peak performance, connecting for world change, organizational transformation, media and communications, governmental change, venture capitalism, among others.

The Summit’s participants, Globonders and Friends of Globond, set a new standard as Tectonic Leaders, who are now more able to create opportunities for new projects for world change. Thanks to this Summit, Globond International as a business and social community is becoming a powerful force for the betterment of humanity.

Previewing the Worldwide Tectonic Leadership Summit, April 2010

As a result of the first summit, Globond plans to host the Worldwide Tectonic Leadership Summit, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Washington DC area, in April 2010.

Added to the goals of the June 2009 Summit are these goals for the April 2010 Summit:

  • Gather 300 participants who want to learn and practice tectonic leadership.

  • Have a larger group of world leaders, from many sectors and nations, who are committed to positive change through new leadership approaches.

  • Set up private conversations between Tectonic Leaderships and their opponents after the Summit, when sets of opponents or potential allies have gone through the Tectonic Leadership process.

  • Encourage Tectonic Leaders to work together on solid and world-changing projects that contribute to solutions.

Globond’s Summit will become a vehicle for facilitating face-to-face meetings to create synergy between parties in mutual need or disagreement. A businessperson would participate to form business alliances for marketing innovations. A politician would attend to learn how to disagree with his opponents in a way that allows them to find common ground and both make progress. Globond will work on behalf of participants to arrange and facilitate such meetings of genuine sharing, with win-win goals in mind.

If you are keen on participating in the April 2010 Summit, believe that you are a Tectonic Leader, or are interested in becoming a Globonder or Friend of Globond, contact Larry Rosenberg ( or Kirstin Myers ( All candidates to be Globonders are assessed according to rigorous criteria and must be referred by someone in Globond and ratified by its Executive Team.