Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What You May Not Know About Turkey

by Globonder Kenan Saatcioglu, New York City

Turkey, my homeland, is the Land of Homer, King Midas, Herodotus and St Paul. The country is the successor state to the Ottoman Empire, a major historical power which lasted for more than six centuries on three continents, controlling most of Southeastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Turkey’s largest city Istanbul is the only city in the world located on two continents, Europe and Asia. It was the capital of three empires: Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Empire. Turkey introduced coffee to Europe. Yogurt is a Turkish word.
A Turk, Orhan Pamuk, won the 2006 Nobel Prize in Literature. Some say that the first man to fly was Turkish, Hezarfen Ahmet Celebi, whose flight of 1.5 km was recorded by eyewitnesses in 1683, more than 200 years before the Wright Brothers made their first flight.

Two of the seven wonders of ancient world stood in Turkey, and the oldest human settlement was formed in Turkey in 10,000 BC. The first Christian church was built in Turkey and the seven churches that St. Paul visited were in Turkey. The first coins were minted in Turkey.
The Turkish people have always been tolerant of other religions, including Judaism. In 1942, after the expulsion of the Jews from Spain and Portugal, Sultan Beyazid II (1481-1512) issued a formal invitation to them and they started emigrating to the Empire in great numbers. The Sultan is said to have remarked about the Spanish Monarch’s anti-semitism, “Ye call Ferdinand a wise king, he who makes his land poor and ours rich!”

During the tragic days of World War II, Turkey managed to maintain its neutrality. As early as 1933, Ataturk invited numbers of prominent German Jewish professors to flee Nazi Germany and settle in Turkey. Before and during the war years, these scholars contributed a great deal to the development of the Turkish university system. During World War II, Turkey served as a safe passage for many Jews fleeing the horrors of Nazism. While the Jewish communities of Greece were almost completely wiped out by Hitler, the Turkish Jews remained secure.
Several Turkish diplomats, Ambassadors Behic Erkin and Numan Menemencioglu; Consul Generals Fikret Sefik Ozdoganci, Bedii Arbel, and Selahattin Ulkumen; Consuls Namik Kemal Yolga and Necdet Kent, just to name a few, spent all their efforts to save from the Holocaust the Turkish Jews in those countries, and succeeded. Salahattin Ulkumen, Consul General at Rhodes in 1943-44, was recognized by the Yad Vashem as a Righteous Gentile ("Hassid Umot ha'Olam") in June 1990.

Turkey continues to be a shelter, a haven for all those who have to flee dogmatism, intolerance and persecution. In June 1940, Behiç Erkin did, as had several other Turkish diplomats – such as Necdet Kent in Marseille and Selahattin Ülkümen in Rhodes – making remarkable efforts to save from the Holocaust the Turkish Jews within his mission's reach. In practical terms any Jewish person who could document a Turkish connection, even the slightest, was saved, similar to the better-known actions taken during the same period by Oskar Schindler. Also, Namık Kemal Yolga (1914–2001) was a Turkish diplomat and statesman, known as the Turkish Schindler.

Here are the main Turkish products, rooted in its imperial history: Organic and dried foods, cuisine as world class as Chinese and French, rugs and carpets, fabrics and textiles, organic cotton, and ceramics and glass. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more or to do business with Turkey!

New Globond Team Structure

Globond International is pleased to announce a new Management Team structure to operate the organization in order to raise the bar on how we connect and serve our Members, making them even more successful and fulfilled. About the new structure:

First, the main innovative feature of the new team structure is that all the principals are CEOs. Look at the list of titles below and see that the C and O mean what you think, namely Chief and Officer. It is the E that differs for each manager – to convey a sense of her/his primary job focus and orientation.

Secondly, the designation of all managers as CEOs points to their commitment to taking the 100% responsibility that goes with the conventional CEO (Chief Executive Officer) position. Each player on the team is ready to do what she/he has to do to advance the organization and thus help our Members to improve and prosper.

Third, the multiple CEO arrangement dramatically marks Globond as a horizontally aligned organization, with a real management team approach. The conventional hierarchical/vertical structure – too often with one hard-pressed, overburdened and out-of-touch CEO at the top – is showing signs of faltering and even fading. More and more, the future of organizations belongs to flatter structures, thus closer to the customers/members and more agile for responding to changes in the world. And that is where Globond wants to be!

New Globonders

Barbara Joyce Frank

Great Falls, VA Globonder Barbara Joyce Frank, Ph.D., has been a trailblazer and advocate of humanity’s profound connection to Nature and the Earth, for the past 40 years. Today she is Grandma Rocks.

Barbara considers herself lucky to have been raised near the Atlantic Ocean and at a very early age felt a mixture of joy and awe, and a deep sense of connection to the Natural World. Throughout her life, she has personally derived inspiration, guidance and comfort from Nature, and found ways to share it with others worldwide.

In her career, Barbara has encouraged people to embrace the great outdoors, and to bring Nature into their workplaces, schools and homes. She is dedicated to using her special knack to help people to see the Earth in new and exciting ways, with strong and multifaceted relevance for their everyday lives. Her mission is to weave Nature’s wisdom into everyone’s life.
Barbara was green decades before it was cool: In the late '60s and early '70s, her academic studies led to the first green Environmental Geology doctorate. In the '70s-‘80s, her pioneering work in experiential green learning helped thousands of students, teachers and military personnel to develop a green awareness. In the early 90s, she championed federal government efforts to promote green partnerships with academic institutions, industry, nonprofits and local governments. In the late 90s, she established a green meeting center in Great Falls, VA, for nonprofit, government and corporate teams to tap into the calming and creative benefits of training in a richly natural setting. Since ‘00, she has facilitated innovative green team-building exercises to foster green leadership, green workplace and green teams, in order to promote the sustainability of organizations.

At a time when men considered the study of the Great Outdoors their realm, Barbara took her first Geology course. She loved the study of the science and wonders of the Earth, and immediately switched majors to become the first female geology major at Binghamton University, completing her undergraduate degree in just three years. She discovered the Earth during this first Geology course – amazed at how streams carve their valleys, glaciers dumped Long Island, and gigantic tectonic plates moving Los Angeles north toward San Francisco. What began as a way to fulfill a science requirement became her life’s passion, especially when she took field trips to sites of incredible natural beauty, as part of the Geology curriculum.

The Geology Department at the University of Arizona encouraged Barbara in her studies and arranged for her to receive a National Defense Education Act Title IV Fellowship to complete a doctorate in only three years, bypassing the master’s degree. Also, she was awarded a National Science Foundation Fellowship to attend the Juneau Icefield Research Project in Alaska. In 1968, as the sole female participant with 39 male participants, she found the two-month field experience to be life changing. Her fellow graduate students insisted that the great outdoors belonged to men, and she had no right to be there. Their words’ effect was to make her even more determined to be a geologist. She considered it absurd to believe that only one gender should be allowed to study the Earth. On this field course, she found herself surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. She loved learning experientially on a glacier about its power to sculpture the landscape. Since then, she has inserted an active experiential component in all her academic and training courses.

When determining her doctoral dissertation research focus, Barbara forged into areas where no geologist has gone before. She conducted an interdisciplinary environmental project on the effects of urbanization on the stream flow of a river in South Carolina; this was when environmental geology was not yet a specialization in Geology. While researching the river system, she became more intimately connected to Nature. While the river struggled with the impact of the urbanization of its drainage basin, at the same time she found herself in a bad marriage with two small children. She turned to the river for help in deciding whether or not to divorce. From the river’s edge, she saw how it handled the construction material: The river moved the added load as best it could, picked it up when it had the energy, and let it sit until a stronger flow moved the material. She felt that she could do the same, and decided to raise her children on her own, carrying her load the best she could.

After completion of her doctorate at the age of 26 in 1973, Barbara received a National Science Foundation Post-doctoral Fellowship to study glacial melt-water streams in Norway.
University of Maryland University College hired Barbara as a faculty member to develop a Geology program for its Munich, Germany Campus. Her 15 years of teaching was marked by the unprecedented attendance of 25% of the student body in her classes and on her study tours (field trips). She led experiential learning courses throughout the year to Italy to explore active volcanoes, Yugoslavia for its extensive cave system, and Austria and Switzerland for glaciers. These courses attracted undergraduate and graduate students, and U.S. Department of Defense Dependent School teachers. Her undergraduate students gave her the nickname of Doc Rock, which accurately reflected her intimate knowledge of earth systems, deep love of the Earth as a living organism, and appreciation of the need for humankind to stay closely connected to Nature.
Since returning to the United States on a American Academy for the Advancement of Science Congressional Fellowship in 1989, Barbara has worked on the international science and technology initiatives of the U. S. House of Representatives Science and Space and Technology Committee, environmental education initiatives at the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, and nuclear waste clean-up for the U. S. Department of Energy.

In the course of her work as a senior manager for the Federal Government, she earned a Masters of Science at American University in Organizational Development to best facilitate the major change management initiatives required so that more people could deal more harmoniously, responsibly and creatively with the pressing issues affecting the Earth as the only home of humanity.

Convinced that better decision making with regard to the Environment will only come from an awareness and appreciation of the fact that we are part of Nature, Barbara has undertaken the responsibility of teaching people to experience the joy of natural connection through teaching, writing books, giving speeches, leading tours, and developing a line of natural products for homes, schools and offices.

When training teams, Barbara provides natural supportive environments and engages team members in low-impact and creative natural experiential learning activities. She gets great satisfaction from helping teams to work more effectively by understanding the natural personality preferences within their group and learning to honor the differences between individuals. She takes pride in helping organizations to deal more effectively with chaos, change and creativity with her approach based on organizational principles active in the Natural World.
Barbara helps individuals, groups and organizations to deal innovatively with change in their professional and personal lives. She draws on her uniquely sensitive understanding of the way the Earth has responded to change throughout its 4.6 billion years of history. Her current concern is for the rapid disintegration of family bonds and the estrangement of many children from their parents and grandparents, which results in alienation, which in turn undermines the quality of our society and planet.

Barbara has recently changed her nickname to Grandma Rocks to better articulate her current mission to teach grandparents around the world to connect with their grandchildren through the sharing of Nature. Being a grandmother of five grandkids, she is discovering the joy of introducing them to the Earth’s fascinating and intimate story. In the process, she is developing her knowledge base and teaching approaches to be used in a variety of old and new media to inform and inspire grandparents worldwide to show and explain Nature to their grandkids, who are the future stewards of our precious planet.

With plans and passion to connect grandparents and grandkids with each other and to Nature and Earth, Barbara is contributing to solving these problems: (1) Loneliness and isolation among baby boomers and empty nesters, (2) shortage and lack of emphasis in our hurried society of role models and mentors for children, and (3) the increased distance between modern humankind and Nature, because the spread of new technologies is eroding social behavior. She contends that we need to incorporate the Nature Factor in all that we do in order to lead genuinely balanced and healthy personal and professional lives.

Barbara points to an opportunity for grandparents to help their grandkids’ overall health. She observes how young people are getting more and more caught up in using the new electronic technologies. She believes that life is too precious to waste huge amounts of one’s time on Planet Earth staying indoors or getting lost in cyberspace and thus separated from Nature. It is now known that many people are suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD), with diminished use of senses, and attention difficulties, and elevated rates of physical and emotional illnesses. In leading her Connecting with Nature workshop, she sees NDD’s symptoms replaced with curiosity, creativity and overall wellness.

Keep your eyes open and you will start to see Barbara’s dream of a Grandma Rocks TV show to help grandparents and grandchildren tune into Nature, around them and within them.

Brooks Greene-Barton, Los Angeles

"I love to be at home in the forests and the mountains though recently I realized that I had to be further inside the jungles of cities to help Earth open to being natural."

Brooks grew up in Los Angeles where his father was a professor of surgery at UCLA with a private practice in Beverly Hills, California. At the age of 17, he was introduced to a life changing opportunity as a Congressional Intern for the number two leader of the Ways and Means Committee for the House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. and also became a close friend of the Turkish Ambassador's family.

"I attended events at the Turkish Embassy, where the wife of the Czechoslovakian Ambassador to the US, who was well known for her daily regime of eating one orange a day as her only meal for thirty-eight years, would walk into formal gatherings with a radiant energy that had the effect of opening everyone to physically feel why they were on Earth at that time. All of the invited world leaders who met this unusual woman would talk about how important that experience was for them, again, again and again. That was a beautiful gift of life opportunity for me. Also, I was introduced to several uniquely integrated world leaders of that time period. One was when I was in New York City. I connected to a real estate broker who sold large properties for corporations, non-profits and governments and he never allowed money to be paid to him. He lived in a multi million dollar apartment, always had limousines and private jets organized for him, none of which he owned, and had whatever supported him paid for directly by foundations, board of directors and private banks, at their insistence."

When Brooks was in the US Military Intelligence, during the Vietnam War, he was Liaison Officer between the Turkish General Staff and the Pentagon (American Generals). He was appointed this position by interview with a US Army General at the age of 19. During this time, having previously been declared "legally blind" by the State of California, he took full responsibility for why his eyes could not see and now has not worn glasses for over forty years.
“ I had to learn to take responsibility for my reality even when I was only 1 year 4 months old. My mother had to pull me out of my crib when I was yelling at two evil eyes forcing energy out of my body one evening. Because she and my grandparents denied my reality experience, even though I offered five times what actually happened to me, I honored that I had to adopt them by my becoming their parent. I related with them only as I felt they would be able to receive. I became autonomous to honor relationship itself.”

After receiving an MBA (USC) and before the age of 30, Brooks married, was Managing Publisher of The Hollywood Reporter and then reorganized what today is Washington Mutual as a principal of the largest retirement investment program of any bank in the US. After that, he became First Vice President of Coldwell Banker Real Estate and completed transactions of some of the most expensive real estate in the world, as well as representing billionaire clients (Sir James Goldsmith, Johnny Carson, etc.) and governments (US, UK, CA, NY, etc.).

"Relating with world leaders as a peer invited prominence for me to become a principal beyond how middle class society structures."

Since the age of 41, Brooks has been an international teacher helping to raise the opportunity of life for people in many ways. He began as a shaman leader, bought a public park and transformed it into a retreat sanctuary. He invited people to come into their authority as a spiritual presence in nature, through an orientation called "Wizardry". When 9/11 happened in New York, he reorganized his direction for leaders of the world to own their authority by his founding and creating "Art of God". Full alliance with his daughter Riven and his wife/ally Alison has opened and inspired Brooks to organize "Guide of Society", as an opportunity to advance strong leaders into their full capacity, as well as, to encourage human society into sovereignty with Mother Nature and God.

"The 21st century is the opportunity for relationship for everyone to change. Having been raised by daughters, I deeply appreciate the reflection that women can give to men. Ladies organize how Lords prioritize and Lords support the authority of Ladies. It is said in Africa that at least six lionesses are needed to raise a lion king, though what is not honored is that the lionesses are in general more advanced than the lion king simply to hold space for him."

Brooks is now reorienting his direction and focus with government leaders and industry innovators as a way to organize growth in society from the inside out. He supports a new world of Earth to become authentic in making leadership in the world available to everyone.
"I am here with Mother Earth to help her open her future, for who she is to be unlimited and for her humanity to become her ally. When she is so honored, she will be unique in leadership beyond the universe".


Scott Hamlin

Portland, Oregon Globonder Scott Hamlin was born and raised in that city where he has always been a big lover and enthusiastic participant in outdoor sports. He managed to find a way to make a living from his passion: 15 years ago, after retiring his spikes from track and field at Cal Poly Pomona, University of Oregon and the Nike Oregon International Track Club, he launched his business career at Adidas International.

Along the way, Scott married Lisa Creamer, and they had two sons, Flynn Hamlin, now seven, and Liam Hamlin, now five.

During his time at Adidas, Scott acquired skills in a wide range of areas, from product research and innovation to overall business management. In his 10 years with the company, he served in roles overseas as the Director of Sales and Marketing at Adidas Argentina and the President and Managing Director of Adidas Brazil. In both countries, he oversaw all operations and realized more than a 60% increase in revenue and a return to profitability.

He continued his career at Jockey International as the Global Director of Design, before moving to Royal Robbins as the Global Director of Product, responsible for the design, development, product marketing and sourcing of the 40-year-old outdoor apparel brand, which experienced significant growth during his time with the company.

Scott joined Globond in 2002, shortly after the sudden birth of his oldest son in a Brazilian beach house during a weekend get-away (learn more about this amazing story in a separate article in this Globonder Journal). While he was active with Globond in its early days, Globond was new and not yet large enough to help him. In the past seven years, Globond has expanded and reached critical mass, so he has eagerly returned to the fold. Currently, Scott is the Founding Partner of Looptworks, a company that creates meaningful products from upcycled materials. It is an innovative business that repurposes abandoned materials into meaningful, long-lasting and limited-edition products. The company is re-imagining product creation with the groundbreaking upcycling process, creating limited-edition clothing and accessories from excess materials. Its socially responsible designs are made from pre-consumer excess materials. By re-using the world's pre-consumer excess, the U.S.-based company aims to rid the world of waste, while inspiring a generation to reduce their impact on the planet.

Looptworks will target an active lifestyle that brings together elements of board sports (surf, skate and snowboard) and outdoor activities (hiking, climbing, mountain biking, etc.), while adding a sophisticated, urban flair for style. Initially, its products will be sold exclusively online at, starting in August 2009. The intent is to expand into specialty retailers in the future.

In addition to running a new company, Scott is involved in his Portland, OR community, serving on the Surfrider Foundation as a Chapter Volunteer, Bicycle Transportation Alliance, and Board of Trustees of Cedarwood Waldorf School. He is a Volunteer Track and Field Coach in Pole Vault.

Deborah Kearney

Deborah Kearney, Ed.D., is a Globonder who is based between Pittsburgh, PA, and South Hadley, MA, and wherever speaking engagements take her. As the founder and CEO of Job Smart Enterprise (JSE), she is committed to changing the way the world works. As a management innovation that builds data into decisions, JSE has the power to transform the effectiveness of health care, service and manufacturing, on a global scale.

The foundation of this world-at-work change is competency-based job descriptions, which assures what employees need to know: Through JSE, Deborah has innovated an elaborate and powerful consultative software strategy that substantially increases productivity, safety and international quality for organizations that want to achieve their mission and numbers. Rather than seeing employees as a sunk cost, she views them an organization’s best source of yielding an impressive return on investment (ROI).

The Job Smart System (JSS), which Deborah developed, is a new means to raise the ROI of organizations by recruiting, selecting, and retaining only its valued employees. Job Smart Recruiting (JSR) focuses on recruitment by competence, and reflects the seven domains of highly successful people. JSR enables the resume to rise from the ashes in the form of competency-based summaries of candidates’ genuine expertise. From the boiler room to the boardroom, JSR provides organizations with candidates defined and compared on this set of competency dimensions: knowledge, psychology, biomechanics, sensory, strength and stamina, safety and quality. Higher ROI is achieved when firms hire people who can become team members, and apply their education and experience. At the same time, the organization realizes a lowered risk of worker compensation outlays, and higher work productivity, safety and quality outcomes.

JSS supports the selection of candidates using a quantifiable interview process. Rather than used to discriminate, the process supports organizations and individuals from the world over and is well matched to the mission. With built-in training and accommodation plans that meet all fair employment law-based practices, more talent becomes available that is fit for duty.

Deborah was the first to realize that the most frequently used documents in business – job decryptions, resumes and strategic plans – were poor predictors of business success. Also, she was the first to recognize that job descriptions could serve as the foundation for continuous improvement – if there was a sequential synergy between a competency-based resume and a competency-based strategic plan. Thus, she has demonstrated that there can be a cooperative compact between labor and management to attain mutually beneficial goals.

JSS can increase ROI and contribute to corporate growth. Its competency management system is a manager’s personal human resource assistant. Performance appraisals can be quantified for comparison to organizational values and goals. Pay for performance is fully unbiased. Corrective actions plans build on employee strengths and take them from good performance to great potential.

Deborah’s JSS was the first technological strategy to quantify the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990), enabling employers to realistically accommodate without undue hardship to their organizations. She adapted JSE to respond to the powerful efficiencies of Information Technology (IT). As a statistician, she believed that IT could improve ROI to a dramatic level.
Work for Deborah began at age nine. She is the oldest child in an Irish-American family, where her hands made light work. She relates that being responsible for babies builds many skills when little people are depending on you. She has been an entrepreneur since age 11. Her first sales job was selling fresh eggs to her neighbors. Baby sitting and cleaning came easy to her. These revenues paid for her education at University of Massachusetts at Amherst, which was her home from the bachelors to doctorate degrees. She also is Board Certified in Rehabilitation Engineering.

As an avid student of psychology, Deborah studied the entire mental health spectrum, which includes the special needs and circumstances of what people are born to and about which they can learn to adapt. While not believing in labeling people, she sees learning from their perspective. Her entire career has been devoted to helping people who have disabilities, physical and mental, to be contributors, especially through employment. She was affected by her father’s death of alcoholic malnutrition, brilliant and battered by self-destructive depression. By contrast, thanks to her efforts, her adopted daughter with dyslexic triumphed to graduate from college with a 3.2 average. Having lost a sister to leukemia and herself having recovered from cancer, she has developed an astounding sensitivity to people, dignity and health care that have propelled her professional path.

Deborah learned in her graduate clinical career that asking people in therapy to “say more about that” rarely resulted in improvement. In her view, people need structured guidance to find their way, as do organizations. She formulated this process: understand their perception of the problem, next set a goal, and then provide the means to create progress through clear objectives. Even successes in small increments, as defined by either a person or an organization, eventually build into increasing successes.

Deborah has been a consultant with a mirror, but without the smoke. She focuses on problems and uses a solution to success approach with clear plans for achievable increments. Her clients have included organizations in all areas, especially manufacturing, healthcare and government. Her short list includes Yankee Candle, Raytheon, Polaroid, State of Massachusetts, State of Pennsylvania, SEB (producers of AllClad Pans), Mon Valley Hospital, Greenville Hospital in North Carolina, Berkshire Medical Center, and Physician and Therapeutic Practices. She is an expert witness for litigation involving the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Deborah’s passion is to develop and disseminate best practices for efficient, effective, timely, safe work. It is not enough to be good enough. There is an ethic to having the means to being the best. In this context, she filed a lawsuit holding the State of Massachusetts accountable for the education of special needs children in licensed private schools. In winning the case, she set a legal precedent that private schools should be held accountable to individual educational plans as a contract of service.

Deborah developed and patented one of the first height-adjustable workstations for people with wheelchairs. She has invented more than 20 products for people with disabilities. For 20 years, she has engineered out the risks to safety for employees in many industries.

Deborah has written reference/solution texts on Ergonomics and the Americans with Disabilities Act. In her public speaking, she tells a good story and interacts with audiences to evoke the wow factor of learning through participation. She addresses a variety of topics, such as robots, healthcare quality, manufacturing process control, safety, ergonomics, and, of course, competency-based job descriptions.

Deborah is patriotic for peace, and committed to not just watching the world, but being a working part of changing the world. Her current initiative with the World Health Organization is to support the growth of competence in all cultures and deliver health care where needed and with nurturance.

Deborah has created opportunities for leaders to launch new businesses innovations, managers to maximize the value of existing businesses, and change-adept leaders to rescue businesses that have fallen into decline. She seeks ways to optimize cooperation across cultures. Her commitment is to globalize JSE to give organizations a greater sense of opportunities, and capitalize on them by harnessing the power to combine innovation and labor. She understands the pressing need for innovations in healthcare, education, service and manufacturing. She is determined to apply what she knows to profoundly influence world health and world economic leadership.

Deborah is a hiker who loves the White Mountains, NH. She practices Bikrams (Hot) Yoga. She loves to write; she has created 11 plays, a novel and several screen plays for the independent audience that wants to feel deeply. In tribute to her dear friend Peter Viereck, acclaimed historian and poet, she wrote The Poet, interweaving his complex poetry and the lives of four exceptional persons.

Kenan Saatcioglu

Turkey Globonder Kenan Saatcioglu was born in Istanbul, the only city between two continents Europe-Asia and the capital of three Empires: Roman, Byzantine & Ottoman. Shortly after graduating from Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul with a degree in Civil Engineering, (1995), he began his career as a professional tour guide. This position allowed him to indulge his passion for world travel. Since he had graduated from an Italian high school, he led various groups between Turkey and Italy, providing information about life, culture, history and archaeological sites. At the same time, he was a simultaneous translator for businesspeople during their conventions and meetings.

After leaving the tourism industry, Kenan’s next ventured into the world of innovation and inventions, becoming the R&D Assistant Manager at Atasay Kuyumculuk San. ve Tic. A.S, in Istanbul. His role was to search for new technologies and improvements in various countries, and then propose the best ones to the management who then applied the project to production.
Atasay recognized Kenan’s contribution and he was continually promoted to various positions within that jewelry company. Reporting to the CEO, he set up the Los Angeles office, established new relationships with Atasay’s US customers in the wholesale and retail market, increased the customer base and added catalogue companies to the portfolio. As a result, sales increased by 450%.

Kenan spent seven years in operations and sales/marketing management positions with electronic retailers, department stores and mall stores, and importers and wholesalers. He worked with management to develop action plans and recommend new trendy product development. He organized new divisions and worked closely with various manufacturers overseas, with additional responsibility for the control and logistics to the customers. Always an innovator, hr developed an application for consumer-based quality assurance and application. Kenan has been given an award from Sears known as Partners in Progress.

He is currently the Executive Director of the Turkish-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the leading Turkish-American independent business support and networking organization in the U.S. TACCI functions to help its members improve their success, gain business expertise, and introduce them to potential customers and suppliers.

The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) and Under Secretariat of the Turkish Prime Ministry for Foreign Trade (DTM) are both represented on TACCI's Board of Directors and are the strongest supporters of the organization. TACCI has over 100 established companies in its membership body. Kenan has always dreamed of globetrotting and exploring history. He likes to approach people strategically; chess has been his passion for more than 10 years. He loves innovation and creativity, especially when they help people to reach their business goals. His biggest goal is to help the 1.3 million Turkish companies become big and respected brands, as well as profitable.

Kenan’s personal interests are reading, travel, chess, and electronic gadgets. He is fluent in English, Italian and Turkish, and a beginner in Latin. He is married and has a five-year-old daughter.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Welcome New Arrival

Globonder Brett King and his wife Rebekah have just welcome the arrival of their third child, Thomas Patrick King, born the 8th of July, 2009 in Australia, his parents’ native country, though they have been living in Dubai for 3 years and were living in China for some years before that. After spending time as a family with their newborn and children Hannah (9) and Mark (6) the Kings will move to Hong Kong from where Brett will manage The International Academy of Financial Management Training as its CEO. Globond extends its heartfelt congratulations to the King family and wishes it a wonderful respite back in Ozzie!

Just a day at the beach . . .

On Thursday afternoon Oct. 11th, 2002, we got the dreaded word for Lisa´s OBGYN (Dr. Carlos) that entering her 8th month of pregnancy she was 2 centimeters dialated, a natural occurence he assured us, but that she would have to STOP EXERCISING! I said to myself, now here is a Doctor who does not know his patient. Asking Lisa to stop exercising is like asking the Amazon river to suddenly stop the water from flowing. However, firm in my belief that I was not ready to have this kid popping out any time soon, I asked him to reenforce this need to stop being active with her, to the point of beating her senseless with it if need be.

The good Doctor obliged and Lisa left the Dr.´s office distressed about what she was going to do for the next 4 weeks with out any type of physical activity. Before leaving, the Doctor suggested that we schedule the birthing classes and the how-to class for caring for a newborn baby with his nurse/midwife, get all of the emergency numbers for his staff, and schedule a visit to the hospital. In the back and forth attempt to schedule the classes, we finally settled on Tuesday, Oct. 16th and Thursday Oct. 18th and then left the office to go to lunch.

Being that Friday was a holiday in Brasil, we had planned months in advance to rent a house at the beach with our friends Mark and Katie. However, on a three day weekend, everyone from São Paulo (a city of 20 million people) leaves town at the same time, and many go to the beach. To avoid spending 6-9 hours in a traffic nightmare, it is best to make the 2 and a half hour trip very late at night. Our excuse to do this came in the form of Eric Clapton, who was in town on Thursday night to give a concert. This was a concert that Lisa had very much wanted to attend. So, the plan was hatched, that Lisa, Katie, and I would go to the concert (Mark having enough good taste not to want to attend) and then we would meet Mark outside of the concert at 11:30pm with all of the dogs (our one and Katie and Mark´s three) and we would caravan down to the beach.

The concert turned out to be, just what the Doctor ordered, literally, a real snore. Lisa and Katie sat together in the row in front of me, as I was unable to get 3 seats together in the same row. In typical Lisa and Katie style, they chatted through the entire concert. I on the other hand, sat directly behind them, sandwiched between a 65 year old man and an 18 year kid. The 65 year old was with his wife and they felt the urge to practice there best Saturday Night Fever moves to the Clapton oldies inadvertently jabbing me in the ribs every time his John Travolta meets Lawerence Welk dance move required a pointed finger, arm extension for emphasis.

The 18 year old kid was with a group of 4 other friends who had all spent entirely too much time in one of their bedrooms, getting high under black lights while looking at old album covers and practicing Clapton air guitar moves while screeching the worst impression of english lyrics know to man. With their recently purchased Eric Clapton headbands in place, it was clear that they were waiting for Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison Janis Joplin and Bob Marley to all come out on stage with the deceased members of Lynrd Skynrd and let Clapton lead a guitar filled, earth – shaking medly of “I Shot the Sheriff” and “Free Bird”. “Eric Clapton rocks!!!!!!!!” They screamed at the end of “Layla”.

Lisa and Katie continued chatting, with Lisa sliding in the comment, “Oh, I like this song.” as everyone around them was on their feet doing a standing ovation, with lighter in hand, and the flame extended toward the evening sky. At 11:30pm we left the stadium, just before the first encore, in order to meet Mark and head to the beach.

We still hit traffic on the way to the beach, but the trip only took the standard two and a half hours. After unpacking and settling in, we crashed into bed about 3:00am.

The next day, Friday, October 12th, was spent surfing (me), reading, napping, walking on the beach and generally taking it easy. After the Doctor´s visit, I had made it a point to get caught up in the pregnancy book I was reading as I had left off in month 7 and what the Doctor had said scared me enough to try and get caught up to month nine.

In the evening, we sat down to play cards. Lisa was winning when we took a bathroom/drink-mixing break. When Lisa called me into the bathroom, I commented to Mark, “This couldn´t be good”, and indeed it wasn´t. Lisa had a larger than normal vaginal discharge (sorry for those weak of stomach).

It was at this moment that we realized that we had forgetten to get the emergency telephone numbers for the Doctor´s staff. Because our cellular phones do not get service at the beach house, I loaded Katie and Lisa into the car and we drove towards town to get phone service and to call Katie´s sister Abby, in the US, who is a doula. We were able to get ahold of her and explained the situation. Abby informed us that it sounded like Lisa´s mucus cap had broken, which is ok and that as long as her water didn´t break, she would be ok. She said that Lisa needed to stay in bed and rest.

After getting back to the house and getting Lisa settled in on the couch, she remebered that her friend Leen had her baby with Dr. Carlos´s partner and that she might have the emergency numbers. So Mark and I trekked up to the highest point next to the house and managed to get cell phone service. I got a hold of Leen and her husband Sascha gave me all of the emergency numbers.

I called and spoke to nurse Rosalee who said the same thing that Abby had told us. As long as the water didn´t break everything was ok and that Lisa would have to stay in bed and rest. She added that if the water did break, that we would need to go back to São Paulo and have her looked at by a Doctor because she was one month early and the baby could be at risk.
Mark and I returned to the house and had something to eat and the four of us watched a very funny Ben Stiller movie on Mark´s DVD player/laptop. Unfortunately, the events of the evening had distracted us all too much to concentrate on the movie and Lisa and I went to bed worried.
At 4:30am Lisa woke me up saying that she could not sleep and that she was uncomfortable. I gave her a back and shoulder massage, and she managed to go back to sleep for a little while. At 6:00 am she got up to go to the bathroom. From the bathroom I she yelled to me:

“Scott, my water just broke!”

With those five words, the chase was on. I had read in my pregnancy book that the worst thing that “expecting fathers” can do is panic after hearing these words. I had also read that after the water breaks, labor can last anywhere from 4 hours to 5 days. I was hell bent on maintaining my calm knowing that we were 2 and a half hours from the hospital and there was no immediate help available.

So, I got up and started packing the car. At 6:15am, Lisa, still on the toilet, had her first contraction (she called it a cramp). I woke up Katie and Mark to tell them we were headed back to SP. Lisa wanted Katie to come with us in case something happened on the way and I couldn´t help her and drive at the same time. At 6:20 am Lisa, Katie, Canela (our dog) and I left the beach house. Mark was going to stay to pack up and close up the house.

The roads on the North Coast of the State of São Paulo are characterized by lots of curves, speed bumps and potholes. However, they are heavenly in comparison to the dirt roads that run into and through the small towns that dot the coastline. Some of these roads take 20 minutes or more to navigate to a specific point in the town.

Bearing this in mind, I had to go at a snail´s pace, as Lisa was not taking the bouncing and jostling well. At the same time her contractions were coming more frequently, about every 3 minutes, and she made me stop every time she had one. In the back of my mind I was trying to do the math of how long it would take us to get back to SP,having to stop every 3 minutes.
The distance between Point A and Point B is 180 kilometers. Car One is traveling at 100 kilometers an hour, but has to reduce that speed down to 0 every three minutes, how long will it take car one to arrive at the hospital?

Multiple choice: A) Before the baby arrives B) After the baby arrivesC) Impossible to tell without knowing the duration of the contractions and the number of centimeters dialated, but it doesn´t look good.

At about 6:35am, we called Nurse Rosalee and told her what was happening. She informed us that we would not likely have time to return to SP and that we would have to do something else. At that point, she remembered that Dr. Carlos was in Juquei, the beach town only 20 minutes from where we were. She said she would call him and see if he was indeed there and then call us back.

During Lisa´s pregnancy, we had both read that women who had music playing during the birth had more relaxing births and that the babies seemed to adapt to the real world better, than those who did not have music. Subsequently, I pulled out the Crash Test Dummies CD “And God Shuffled His Feet” and put it on. It was the mellowest CD I had in the car and thought it might calm Lisa a little.

I was shot down during the next contraction as she screamed, “Please turn that music DOWN!”.
At about 6:45am, Rosalee called us back and informed us that Dr. Carlos was indeed at his beach house in Juquei a mere 15 minutes away and off we went.

If the road out of Camburi was long and bumpy, the road into Juquei made it look like the Autobahn, and Dr. Carlos´house was at the VERY END of the road. At this point and time, two things happened that made me realize we were in it deep. The first was that I missed my turn for the main road to down the beach, which forced us to take an even bumpier road. Lisa screamed at me, “Get on the main road to the beach, it´s OVER THERE, TURN LEFT!!!!!!!” The second was when I hit a really big pothole and Lisa screamed, “This baby is coming, I WANT TO PUSH!!!

“Whatever you do, don´t push, keep that thing inside of you,” I retorted. Pretty good I thought, remembering that this was the patented response of any Doctor on TV when a women said this during the TV birthing process. “I´m not a real Doctor, but I play one on TV” I thought to myself.

Shortly after that Lisa, with the sheets from the bed around her, informed us that she had to pee. Katie told her, “ it´s ok girl, you just go ahead and pee right there, you have the sheet around you, go ahead.” “Its ok, go ahead,” I found myself chiming in thinking in the back of my head, at least they’re leather seats and should clean up ok.

At 7:00am we finally arrived at the good Doctor´s house, he was waiting in the street in front of the house. He was wearing a yellow polo shirt, blue jeans and New Balance Running shoes (oh well, you can´t get them all). He started waving his hands like a traffic cop for us to pull in the driveway and follow him up to the house. He took off running in front of us.

When we arrived at the front door, Dr. Carlos opened the door and in between Lisa´s screams managed to tell her that he need to take a look. He then took her into the house and sat her on the sofa.

I parked the car, cracked the windows for Canela and went into the house where, sitting on the couch Dr. Carlos said to Lisa and I in a very calm voice, “Ok, there is no time to get to a hospital, we are going to do this right here, right now.”

At that point and time he turned to his maid and said, “Start boiling water and get some towels” He said to his wife, “get the kids up and out of the house.” He said to Katie, “call and see if there is a helicopter available to take Lisa and the baby back to São Paulo and call the closest first aid station and see if they have an ambulance with sterile supplies.” Then he looked at me and said, “go upstairs and wash your hands.”

Now we all know that Lisa has a loud voice and an even louder laugh, but I have never heard her, or any human being for that matter, scream as loud as she did during the next half hour or so. Due to her screaming, and the fact that it was 7:00am on a Saturday morning of a holiday weekend, the entire condominium was soon awake trying to find out what was happening. Before we knew it, blankets, towels, a heater, a bathing tub and baby clothes were arriving at the door as all who lived within shouting distance wanted to help.

After a few more blood curtling screams, a couple of “Oh God, please no, this really hurts” and one “I´m really sorry about your couch”, Flynn was born at 7:50am. Dr. Carlos checked him out quickly and told Katie that she could cancel the helicopter because the baby was fine. About 10 minutes later the VW Bus “ambulance” arrived with sterile blankets and a sterile medical kit. Dr. Carlos clamped the umbilical cord and I cut it.

At this point the Doctor explained that we all needed to relax and stay calm and keep the baby warm. Despite his explication, his wife offered us champagne and whiskey, which we turned down as we were still in shock over the events of the morning, which was just now reaching 8:00am. Shortly there after, their sons were brought back into the house and the 10 year old, Johnathan, looked at the baby and promptly left the house again. A few minutes later he came back in with a bouquet of handpicked flowers for Lisa.

After a while, Katie and I left to take Canela back to the beach house and to get Mark. Katie and I could not stop talking about what had happen and then Mark called. He had finally received Katie´s messages giving him updates of what had happened. Katie then told him the whole story and as she was telling him, we both began to cry.

Upon leaving Canela at the beach house with the other dogs and getting Mark, we returned to the scene of the crime. By this time, the entire condominium was up and active. As we walked up the driveway about 30 people gathered around us and started cheering and clapping and yelling congratulations. It was an unbelievable scene.

We entered into the house to Mozart music playing, Lisa holding Flynn on the couch and the good Doctor reading a book on the Dali Lama while drinking coffee. The entire scene was very surreal. After calming down, Dr. Carlos went for a walk on the beach. Upon his return, he suggested that I do the same, and I did.

I remember thinking, how can all of these people just go on with their day? Don´t they know what just happened? Don´t they know the amazing miracle that had just happened a few blocks from where they were laying in the sun? Then it dawned on me, I was them just a few hours ago. It seems that the events of others rarely touch our lives. Something has to happen to us, or close to us for it to have an impact. This does not make us bad people for not stopping to experience the events of others, because they are in fact, just that, the events of others. We are called into these experiences when the time is right. The thing that brought peace to me was the the sun reflecting off the perfect waves and a group of surfers who were out enjoying the great conditions on their longboards. It was their event, their experience. Hopefully they will remember it as much as I will mine of that same day.

At about 1:30pm, Dr. Carlos gave us the ok to load up the car and head back to SP for the hospital. I think I might have lasted about 45 minutes before the adrenalin caught up with me and I asked Katie to drive. I passed out immediately and two hours later we arrived at the hospital.

Although, it was only 4:30 pm it felt like it was 10:00pm at night. I would like to say that things like this don´t happen to us very often, but they seem to happen with frequency. Hopefully Flynn´s life will be blessed with many moments as exciting as his birth. Moments like these are what define life and make it worth living.

So, here´s to Flynn. As an American-Irish-Brasilian, the borders of the world are open to you.

Live it up!

How to Use Social Tools without Becoming One

There are various social and business networking digital tools that we would recommend to all Globonders and Friends because they are free, convenient and extremely powerful. In order not to overwhelm any of the stubbornly persistent self-proclaimed Luddites or in politer terms, technology skeptics, in this article we will focus only on two of the most important ones, Facebook and Twitter.

First about Facebook: For those of you who already want to protest that you will never agree to use Facebook because 1) you don’t want to be contacted by ex lovers 2) you don’t have time 3) you want to protect your privacy or 4) you don’t want to mix your personal and professional life, we have news for you. With regards to former high school crushes, Facebook allows you to ignore any unwanted requests to be connected. With regards to time, the busiest people use Facebook to better leverage their demanding schedule and keep their life integrated.
Concerning privacy we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but your privacy is already pretty much a thing of the past and Facebook is not going to aggravate that situation in any way if you learn how to manage the system (which is what Globond can help you do). And finally, speaking about mixing your personal and professional life, if you are a Globonder we already expect you to have those two in synch and balanced as we do not deal with just one or the other (business and social carry equal weight at Globond).

The day that Ken Rutkowski sent an email to Kirstin saying “get thee on Facebook because all of the cool people are on there” she responded immediately, no questions, no arguing and just made her profile. And if you see her list of Facebook friends you will see that Ken’s advice was super solid. Being on Facebook also allows Kirstin and the rest of the Globond Team to better leverage, promote, connect and otherwise support the Globonders but only if you do your part and have a profile up there. If you are still not on Facebook do not wait any longer. Make a profile today, let us know and then ask for your Globond email address which you can use to then sign up for the Globond network inside of Facebook. The Globond network is still more of a branding tool than a functioning feature but that will change over time.

Next about Twitter: We agree with many of you who complain that many people’s Twitter updates are self-centered, shallow and/or trite. We also understand that it can seem a bit daunting to come up with at least one status update a day and that you can be afraid of making your own trivial comment that someone else will mock. Those arguments however, pale in comparison to the value you can provide your customers and fans, your brand and your business. In addition, Globond can use Twitter to retweet you, refer to your great accomplishment or just to keep you in the loop with everyone. If you have not yet gotten a Twitter ID, do so today and then look for Globond and follow us. We promise to follow you too and to help you get up to speed with this amazing technology.

So what are you waiting for? Get thee to Facebook and Twitter and Happy Globonding!

Gotta Have, Gotta Do, Gotta Read, Gotta See

A Sci Fi Book with a Purpose
By Kirstin Elaine Myers

I do not like Sci Fi Books as a rule and it took me 3 or 4 attempts to get into this book. To be honest, I only persisted in trying to read Klystar because it was written by a Globonder, Dr. Leong Ying, a nuclear physicist and marathoner who has discovered a mathematical, physics formula which proves the Existence of God. This theory is called The Universal Laws of Thermodynamics. Anyway on the third or fourth try I did become captivated by the story and the big issues that Leong addresses. In fact, I could not put this book down and read it in just two sittings. In addition to telling a great tale, Ying, a PHD in nuclear physics, explains his scientific proof of God in a an easy to understand, powerful way for non-scientists. Read this book not only because it is interesting but also because the author, a former atheist, has discovered the bridge between Faith and Science and he is one to watch! Here is the book for you to check out and hopefully buy:

Profiles of Two Distinguished Globond Premium Service Providers

Website Services

Meet Virginia Ramirez, founder and head of Another Time Designs, and one of the most creative, client-focused, fast-delivering and reasonable-priced web developers the Globond Team knows. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, this Globond Member has been doing websites for 11 years. She has built more than 50 websites, from two to 6,000 pages in length. While working for the State of Nevada in the early days of websites, she found herself assigned to creating a large site and basically learned on the job, plus working on a series of nonprofit sites.

Today Virginia has a portfolio of websites in a variety of areas – government, marketing and public relations, coaching, conferences (including Globond’s, products (hot sauce, natural soaps, and sanitized airline tray-table covers), resorts, book authors, lawyers and nonprofit organizations. She can provide the full range of website services – website development and maintenance, advertising splash pages, Ning social networking, HTML newsletters and promotional emails, graphic design, e-books and transcript formatting, domain registration and transfer, shopping-cart services, blog posting, and search engine optimization.

Here is what Globonder Susan Harrow, CEO, and author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul, “Virginia is a godsend. She works fast, efficiently and with little direction. When there is a big project with lots of pressure, she gets what's needed done calmly and accurately, and she's always there in a pinch. I couldn't do my job without her. She's an excellent team member who cares about doing things well. If you are thinking of hiring a webmistress, she's the one."

Globonder Virginia is truly a master of the art and science of web services! See her work at

Video Services

When you feel the need for a video – from concept to shooting to editing – check out the incredibly gifted professional and Globonder, John Canning. Since 1987, his career has spanned media production, delivery methods and multiple platforms.

Based in Los Angeles, John wears several hats – executive producer and videographer for Green Living Project, video game consultant for the Monitor Group, digital media consultant for Disney, and Senior Director of Business Development for Mary-Margaret Network. These roles are under the guidance of his firm, Media Sherpa Consulting and Productions, which draws on his many areas of expertise and vast experience.

John has been part of the Media and Entertainment Industry for 22 years. He started in the Interactive Television division of Scientific Atlanta, in jobs ranging from Applications Architect/Systems Engineer to Project Manager, while simultaneously earning a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Information Design and Technology from Georgia Tech.

In 1997, John joined Microsoft where he was marketing manager for Cable, Product Manager for the TV division, Technical Evangelist the eHome division. He freelanced as a producer, videographer, photographer and reporter for MSN, MSNBC and Slate. In 2005, he moved to Yahoo! Serving as Director of Content Distribution, Field Producer/Reporter, Photographer, and 3rd Party Liaison for the Richard Bangs Adventures Series, and Producer for Yahoo Games and Entertainment.

With all this super-creative video experience, John is still a nice guy, joy to work with and humble! Visit his website at If you need video services – for your website, YouTube, sales presentation, TV commercials, DVD products, and the like – you can’t do better than Globond’s gentle John.

Do’s and Don’ts of Membership

Written by Boston Globonder Stefan Pagacik, President of Greenpoint Ventures

  1. Absolutely, positively engage with Globonders for the betterment of the organization and for creating lasting relationships that provide two-way benefits. Get to know your fellow Globonders and what they are up to. Can you help? If so, get involved!
  2. Call Kirstin whenever you have a thought, idea or someone you think would make a great Globonder. The organization is only as strong as its last member joining up.
  3. Be creative in thinking about events that can provide educational benefits, revenue opportunities and new relationships for Globond and yourself. Remember, this about US!
  4. If there are ways for Globond to influence what is going on in the world today, speak up. Take the baton and run with it. This is your organization and we are here for you and your passion. Let us know what it is and how we can help you.


  1. Do not attempt to engage Globonders in activities that are outside the mission of the organization. That’s not to say that you can’t propose something to Kirstin, Larry or Chris. Just be mindful of the bigger picture and respect their wishes.
  2. Be mindful of a Globonder’s time and space. Don’t just contact a Globonder without thinking through WHY you want to contact that person. Do you have something that can be mutually beneficial? If not, you may want to rethink contacting that person.
  3. Don’t assume that Globond will deliver what you are looking for immediately at that very moment all the time. Requests that are unusual or are complex take time. Remember, Kirstin and Chris only have 24 hours in a day and we have to give them some breathing room once in a while!
  4. Do not under any circumstances attempt to manipulate or use a Globonder’s name or rolodex for your personal use unless otherwise instructed by the Globonder. Relationships are built on trust and respect and are the cornerstones of this organization. Honor those relationships.

Raising Your Bar

Raising Your Bar: Think of Authoring Your Book
by Larry Rosenberg

As a Globonder, striving to enhance your business success and influence for the good of the world, have you written a book yet? To do so is to raise the bar of your reputation, which leads to relationships and revenues.

Several things give evidence of your professional and business competency and stature, such as advanced degrees, top universities, prestige affiliations, awards/honors and publications. Perhaps the most dramatic sign that you are an authority in your field having authored a book. Articles are good too, but a book puts you in a bigger league.

You can author your book alone or with others. It could also be the work of a ghostwriter, editor or book doctor; but as long as your name is on the cover, you get the credit. It can be a thin or thick volume; the length matters less than the fact that you are the (apparent) author. Hard or soft cover is not that key anymore. It used to count that your publisher was well known, but this is less important now that self-publishing and e-books are considered reasonable options. Hopefully the book will get many and good reviews, but then you need only quote the good ones. Then there are the book’s sales: short of a best seller (which I wish on you!), no one has to really know how many copies you sold or have in storage.

What does your book demonstrate? That you have something that you believe is worth writing in book length and publishing. The book shows that you took the time, effort and expense to produce it. If you feel deeply about the content of your book, then the world needs to access and benefit from it and you! It enhances your reputation as a speaker and trainer, if your book mentioned in the introduction and is for sale at the event. Few things are more symbolic of your graciousness and status than giving your book as a gift to someone, and especially personalizing it with your hand-written inspirational message in the front of the book.

How easy is it to come out with a book? It depends on several things:
  • How good a writer are you? No matter how good, you still need someone to edit your work and give you feedback.
  • How much discretionary time do you have to write the book? If not so much, then consider a ghostwriter.
  • Do you have enough to say to create a book? If you believe in yourself and your work, then you do. If you feel a few aspects of your knowledge are missing, then do research or hire a researcher (ghostwriters usually can do the research).

If you are busy and successful, you may at least have the time to write out the book’s concept and an outline of the chapters, and maybe a proposal or even a sample (usually the first) chapter. If not, it is respectable to hire a ghostwriter to walk you through the process and interview you along the way. Nearly all famous people do it.

The Globond Team can help frame your book project and suggest ghostwriter we know to help you. Think of your book as an investment in your further success!

Tectonic Leadership Summit (Pilot)

Thursday, June 25- Saturday, June 27, in Washington DC: Tectonic Leadership Summit (Pilot)

“The Globond Tectonic Leadership Summit provided participants and invited guests a dynamic platform to exchange ideas and confront head-on the necessity for a new form of global leadership. The Summit’s importance will be felt in the coming months and years as participants engage in dialogue and future meetings to construct a leadership blueprint. This is truly a moment for Globonders to influence how organizations and communities can chart a course that is inclusive, rather than exclusive while transforming our notion of ‘true’ leadership and personal responsibility.”

Stefan Pagacik
CEO, Greenpoint Ventures, Inc

Globond held its pilot of the Tectonic Leadership summit last month at the Ritz Carlton in Tyson Corners outside Washington DC with 33 seriously committed world-changers from every region of the world and many different sectors (bankers and venture capitalists, social entrepreneurs, journalists, authors, technologists, executives, environmentalists, educators, health and wellness practitioners, etc.). Attendees were also presenters and together we agreed that Tectonic Leadership is necessary and that we will hold a bigger summit with 300+ attendees and leaders of countries, corporations, and NGOs, etc. from November 5-7, 2009.

The group reviewed, refined and came to a consensus on the qualities of a Tectonic Leader:

Qualities of a Tectonic Leader
  • Takes 100% responsibility• Embraces the paradox inherent in every situation
  • Leads with Intent, putting care and growth of colleagues, employees and customers ahead of personal self-interest
  • Leaves behind Advocacy of one’s own interest to take greater responsibility for common good of all parties
  • Acts from the “Be-Do-Have” Principle
  • Is Authentic at all times and acting with IntegrityGlobonder John Canning and his associate filmed the summit and the video will be available shortly, at which time we will put it on our Tectonic Leadership Summit website.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Raising the Bar for Globond Members

Your Globond Management Team has decided to raise the bar on how we communicate serve and inspire our Members. This means doing better what we have been doing all along, and doing some new things to better help Members reach (and even exceed) their goals.
Here are the ways we are improving Globond’s communication with and services for Members.

1. How We Describe What Globond Is About

Globond’s Members, called Globonders, are extraordinary individuals who have achieved success and satisfaction in their personal and business lives, and who are now dedicated to be world leaders by making their business models more influential and working together for the benefit of humanity. Globonders come from many countries and cultures, and represent diverse businesses and professions.

Globond International, Inc.’s mission is to connect, empower, fund and strategize ways to meet the personal and professional goals of its Members, who will in turn shape social and global change. Through its large network of Friends of Globond, the powerful networks of its Members, Globond can access virtually any organization or person on the planet.

Globond’s business model is unique and effective because of:

  • The high quality of its members – organizations and individuals (usually CEOs).
  • Their enthusiastic and valuable support of each other’s goals.
  • The professional and personal guidance of the Globond Team (management).

Globond produces value for its Members by actively tapping into these business forces, the 3Ss:

  1. Synergy – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  2. Serendipity – “the art of making unsought findings” (Pek Van Andel).
  3. Synchronicity – coincidence of events that are meaningfully related.

The Globond Team guides Globonders in these ways, called the 5Rs:

  1. Raising the bar – assessing Member goals, strategies, resources and results to increase the potential for success.
  2. Presenting creative ways to enhance the Member Reputation.
  3. Introducing Member to valuable Relationships – with other Globond Members and important non-members – with support in how to leverage them.
  4. Generating new and larger Revenues – or other monetized forms of activities, such as investments, sponsorships and donations.
  5. Rallying for sustained success – follow up to assure that Member goals are achieved during the membership term.

2. A New Version of Globond’s Membership Criteria

To become a Globonder, people need to meet these Membership criteria:• Achievement of personal and professional success.

  • A strong desire to partner with other world leaders to create a strategic plan for empowered personal and professional goals that in the process benefit humanity.
  • International and intercultural involvement, and desire to benefit from a global economy.
  • Linked to a variety of extraordinary individuals and companies who are like-minded.
  • Taking of 100% responsibility for his/her behavior and creation.
  • Possession of and access to a mix of resources upon which success depends.
  • Deeply ethical – operating personally and professional from a place of integrity.
  • Humility, recognizing that the new model for success revolves around us rather than me.

3. Globond’s Basic Services for Members

Globonders receive a set of Basic Services as part of their Membership. These services are discussed and included in the Agreement document between the Globonder and the Globond Team to ensure that the Team can provide real value toward reaching Member goals.

These are the Basic Services that Globond provides for its Members:

  1. Giving you specific strategies to achieve your key goals in the areas of reputation, relationships and revenues.
  2. Providing access to knowledge on how to gain greater benefit from Globond Membership.
  3. Enhancing your biography – of authentic power and full accomplishments.
  4. Setting up your basic social networking approach – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Ping, etc.
  5. Finding you speaking engagements (after confirmation of content and observation of delivery).
  6. Getting the right people to attend your special events (after confirmation of venue, arrangements, etc.).
  7. Recommending premium services for your advanced professional, personal and social success. (Sharing advice concerning premium services is part of the Membership fee. For the planning and implementation of premium services, fees will be charged.)

4. Globond’s New Optional Premium Services

In addition to every Member’s Basic Services, Globond offers optional Premium Services to raise the level of success for its Members. Also, the services will be provided mainly by Globond Members, thus giving then new relationship and revenue opportunities.

The Globond Team approach to premium services involves this process:

  • Assessing needs – feedback on current goal achievement.
  • Giving advice for planning how to enhance power and success.
  • Recommending outstanding service providers and making introductions.
  • Assuring quality – monitoring of progress and issues.

The Premium Services Menu includes:

  1. Upgrading your style strategy – professional identity/image, personal appearance, and clothing/accessories.
  2. Arranging your personal fitness strategy or training – healing, health, vitality and appearance.
  3. Setting up professional empowerment coaching.
  4. Training/coaching in your capital strategy – how to present to venture capitalists.
  5. Setting up meetings with venture capitalists.
  6. Improving your organization of activities in space – office, workshop and home.
  7. Enhancing your time management – scheduling, efforts, processes, systems and results.
  8. Conducting your research projects.
  9. Establishing ongoing information system.
  10. Setting up your writing projects – core concepts, articles, speeches, reports and books.
  11. Supporting your computer software and technology systems (customer relations management) – selection, installation, training and help-desk.
  12. Coaching you in cross-cultural relations.
  13. Arranging translation and interpretation services.
  14. Teaching you foreign languages.
  15. Providing you with professional photographs.
  16. Designing and producing your business cards.
  17. Designing and producing your brochure and other materials.
  18. Providing your business with advertising – campaign strategies and media buying power.
  19. Creating a beyond-the-basics social networking strategy and support – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
  20. Developing and managing your business website and search engine optimization support.
  21. Setting up your video and audio projects (for YouTube, website and promotions) – planning, shooting, editing and placement.
  22. Developing video games – from your idea/ to final product and even to commercialization.
  23. Creating your speeches/presentations – planning, PowerPointing, editing and ghostwriting.
  24. Coaching you on the delivery of your speeches and presentations.
  25. Planning your special events – venue, decoration, equipment, food, rooms, etc.
  26. Developing your book project – planning, editing, ghostwriting, literary agent and publishing (established publisher or self-publishing).
  27. Developing your television or movie project – planning, editing, ghostwriting, agent and producer placement.
  28. Setting up your hosting your online (website-based) television or radio program.
  29. Formulating your public relations strategy for media coverage.
  30. Creating your media kit.
  31. Writing your press releases and sending them out to appropriate media.
  32. Coaching you for media interviews.
  33. Providing concierge services for you – shopping, travel and entertainment.
  34. Conducting complex problem solving for you – troubleshooting and conflict resolution.
  35. Coaching you for life inspiration and spiritual awareness – for life’s big goals, attainable through the soul’s connection to the divine.

Sharing advice concerning the above premium services is part of the Membership fee. For the planning and implementation of premium services, fees will be charged.

Members will fill out the Premium Services Assessment Form to indicate the services they believe they need in order to raise the bar on their success potential. This Form will be sent to all members. It uses a scale of from 1 to 10, with 1 = extreme need and urgency for the service, and 10 = already doing excellently in this area so no need for it at all.

5. New 30-60-90-Day Action Plan for Globonders

The Globond Team is in the process of using a new format to specify what new and current Members can expect from Globond and should do themselves in order to reach their goals. Actions will be given for 30, 60 and 90 days, to constitute a plan. In time all current Members will receive such a plan. Together Team and Members can make your goals reality.

6. Globond’s Member Payments

The Globond Team wants to share with Globond Members the risks and rewards of business. This is the basis of the payments each Globonder makes to Globond International, Inc.

Membership in Globond involves these three types of payments:

  • Annual membership fee. This includes the Basic Services to achieve your stated goals, $10,000.
  • Premium Services fees (optional). The Globond Team discusses and recommends certain of these to elevate and accelerate your success potential; fees, usually at a discount, are set by and paid to the service providers.
  • Success fees. These performance-based fees are based on achieving financial goals (paid when the cost of the annual membership is exceeded), and extremely valuable goal achievements; the specific amount or percentage of these fees are negotiated with the Member.

Don’t You Dare… Use “Gratuitous Information”

By Larry Rosenberg

Don’t’ you dare waste your (or our) time and dissipate our (or your) energy by giving information that is not necessary to the story you are telling.

Let’s say you are listening to a colleague or friend speaking about the economic recession, a new restaurant or his/her unfolding divorce. And he/she is going on far too long. You sense there are simply too many details coming your way. You are interested in the topic, probably out of respect for the person, but not that interested!

The problem is probably related not just to the quantity of information received, but even more to its quality – meaning its lack of quality. Let’s call this low-quality stuff “gratuitous information,” or GI for short. Gratuitous means superfluous, unnecessary or unjustified. We simply do not need it and so we do not like it.

Here is an example: Your colleague is describing how much he likes sushi, while everyone in the group is ordering their favorite sushi pieces and rolls. Suddenly he adds how last year he was at a sushi restaurant and what he ordered smelled funny to him, what he dubs the “great risk of sushi.” The issue is not the truth of his statement and experience, rather it is about his judgment. Or in this case, a dubious judgment of what he said and his not thinking through the unintended consequence of his words on the mood of the group.

Why do people include GI in their communications?
  • It could be they simply cannot tell the difference between what is important and want is fluffy or even off-putting.
  • Or they have a need to share and be understood and mistakenly think that their story is interesting to others as well.
  • Or they are thinking and speaking so fast that they are not evaluating the probable impact of what they are uttering.
  • Or they believe that “colorful” content, what we now call GI, makes them look more interesting.

Now that you realize how much you do not appreciate GI when others speak or write, how about looking in the mirror and identifying GI in you speaking and writing. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are my best points to make on this topic? And stick to your mental or written list. Oh, a few examples and short stories can add clarity and color, but don’t go too far off the track.
  • How much detail and what type of detail are appropriate to this listener, topic and situation? It is usually better to say less than you might like, thus giving the other person the courtesy of asking for more detail, if he needs it.
  • How much should I speak compared to listening to another person? Since you can usually learn more by listening to others than speaking yourself, endeavor to be focused and brief, thus allowing more time in the encounter to listen and learn.
  • How can I edit out potential GI from my conversations? Develop the skill of meta-listening, which is speaking slowly enough while you think ahead about what to say next, and then considering in a micro-second whether the prospective content is useful or GI.

So, don’t you dare use GI. And give gentle and constructive feedback to others about their GI. Let’s make the world safer for good communication!

Globond Success Stories

  1. Building a portfolio of clients and friends. The founder of Globond International, Inc. Kirstin Elaine Myers was the first Globonder. In the 1990s, she went to Brazil as an executive to open the marketing/sales operations of the branch of a U.S.-based multinational company with an Internet-based product. Her company’s name was unknown in Brazil, and the Internet was very new. She spoke Portuguese, but did not have the business contacts in the fields she needed. In order to pay her high living expenses, but with an inexperienced sales team, she set aggressive sales targets. Through smart actions and long hours, in six months her sales team ranked #2 among the firm’s 17 offices worldwide but the cost was very high to her personally. To finally create a social life, she re-organized a long-running group that had been meeting at the same bar once a month, and turned it into a community of like-minded global citizens who socialized together at diverse settings. Soon virtually all of these friends became clients of one another, and all of her company’s clients became friends. After two years, her sales team had acquired 200 corporate clients in Brazil, and she had a large circle of friends. The Globond prototype was born.

  2. Raising major capital. A Globonder, CEO of an education-related start-up, needed to raise seed money. Globond successfully closed the first $250,000 with an investor, who was the former President of a Fotune 500 corporation and now heads a textbook company. Globond also went to the Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation, a state agency that invests money in start-ups on condition that the company finds partners to match its investments. Although told by many “experts” that it was too early for MTDC to invest in this company, Globond kept up the momentum and opened doors with other investor prospects, including various angel groups and Massachusetts’s top female venture capitalist. Two venture capitalists that Globond introduced co-invested in several projects, which eventually included the Globonder’s educational start-up. MTDC contributed $600,000 to match the same amount invested by a local investor’s group which Globond had also brought to the table. Through Globond’s efforts, the end result for the start-up was $2 million in capital raised.

  3. Proving and funding a new technology. A Globonder, who is an inventor, created an algorithm that optimizes the routing of transportation vehicles in such a way that they are always full of paying passengers, who have continuous, convenient access to green, affordable transportation. Globond has put him in front of state, local and federal government officials (including the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Volpe Center), and senior executives of the leading car-sharing, limo and car rental companies. This work has culminated in a pilot project in which a casino has given the Globonder its monthly data of over 2,500 limo rides to bring customers to its entertainment complex. Globond has also retained its member’s former professor in MIS Operational Systems, who teaches at Harvard University and Salem State College, as a technical advisor and sales engineer. Upon completion of the pilot, Globond will close business with large car rental company, car sharing company, Federal and State Government Transportation projects who have all expressed interest in the algorithm and simply want to see that it works (hence the pilot). as new clients of the inventor Globonder , and the New York-New Jersey Port Authority’s decongestion project.With the potential of this transportation system to be national and international in scope, and funded through customers and strategic partners, the Globonder is on his way to becoming both wealthy and successful, leaving a legacy behind as well.

  4. Working the system to get visas. Globond was asked to help plan the 10th Anniversary of the World Summit of Young Entrepreneurs, organized by the World Trade University of the United Nations, and to be held in Sao Paulo in 2006. Globond selected the keynote speakers, panelists and workshop presenters, arranged the topics, and invited world-class entrepreneurs from around the world. Some of the international speakers and participants were told at their Brazilian Embassies\Consulates that a visa would take three weeks or longer to process; the Summit was to start in a week and a half. WTU’s head told Globond, “Forget about the speakers…even the UN cannot violate international protocol.” Globond forged ahead and requested help from Brazil’s Minister of Immigration, who ordered that a letter be sent to every Brazilian Embassy/Consulate in the world, telling them to be on the lookout for visa requests on the WTU or Globond letterheads. All of the speakers and participants got their visas in time to attend the event on time and one visa was even processed in less than 24 hours.

  5. Landing a World Bank job. A Japanese-Brazilian Globonder was a Senior Telecom Analyst for a major bank in Sao Paulo. As he was often in the media and well known in his industry, he did not feel free to openly seek other job opportunities. Asked by Globond what his dream job would be, he replied to work at the World Bank, but considered that to be impossible. Globond made phone calls, and found current and former World Bank employees to advise him. Competing against several thousand candidates, this Globonder got his dream job, working in a prestigious role involving the Middle East and Africa.

  6. Receiving VIP treatment in India. Two Chinese-American female friends, a TV-commercial-and-film producer and an actress and real estate broker, called Globond to say they were leaving for India the next day, and asked for help in meeting people with places to stay and assistance in enjoying their visit. Globond searched its network and came up with various options immediately, including an offer by an Indian executive in London for his corporate discount rate at a top hotel. The result was that they chose the home of an Indian film producer who also picked them up at the airport. These Globonders were treated like VIPs on their first trip to India.

  7. Getting the right job in the right country. A Colombian telecom executive in Brazil had left the telecom sector to work in a series of consulting firms, each time with increased responsibility and compensation. When at 28 years of age, he wanted to return to telecom in a more senior position, colleagues discouraged him from trying this in Brazil, his preferred destination, and advised him to move to the U.S., where they said he would have more lucrative opportunities. He wanted to stay in Brazil, however, so Globond introduced this Globonder to the major companies with the attractive opportunities, and then served as a character reference for him during the due-diligence phase. He ended up accepting a $250,000 a year position with a global telecom company based in Brazil.

  8. Getting an almost-impossible reservation. Two Globonders, an American power couple – the husband is a money manager for an investment fund and the wife is a serial entrepreneur – told Globond that would celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary in Nantucket, MA. They said that their dream was to dine at the Black Pearl, a restaurant so exclusive that one has to make reservations months in advance. Although Globond learned that the waiting list was pages long, with one phone call and a return call Globond persuaded the restaurant maitre d’ to say he would do what he could. A phone call from the ecstatic Globonder wife said that the couple was inside the Black Pearl, at the best table and the center of attention. We later learned that her husband was friends with the owner but had not been able to get in with that connection.

Non-CircumventionI Non-Disclosure Agreement

This Non-Circumvention & Non-Disclosure Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into as of this --- day of ---------, 20-- (“Effective Date”), and is by and between Globond International Inc. (“Globond”), established in Massachusetts, USA, whose address is 23R Elm Street, Gloucester, MA 01930-3725, and ------------- (Company), established in --------, -----, whose address is ---------------, together with each of Globond’s and the Company’s officers, directors, shareholders, agents, employees, consultants, attorneys and affiliates.

WHEREAS, each signatory Party possesses certain information, not known by any other Party.

WHEREAS, the parties are initially desirous of conducting various business transactions in contact with third parties introduced by another Party(s) to this Agreement, for the mutual benefit of all Parties, and the undersigned parties agree, in the consideration of the foregoing promises, to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  1. Non-Circumvention: Each Party agrees not to directly or indirectly contact, deal with, transact, or otherwise be involved with any corporation, partnership, proprietorships, trust, individuals, or other entities introduced by another Party without the specific written permission of the introducing Party. The Parties further agree not to directly or indirectly circumvent, avoid or bypass each other regarding any contracts, renewals, cooperation, partnerships, proprietorships, trusts, or other business relationships with entities introduced or disclosed by any Party.

    Each person and entity that is introduced by one Party to the other Party shall be identified in a Rider attached to this Agreement.

    In the event a Party breaches this covenant of non-circumvention, then, in addition to any and all damages and amounts the non-breaching Party has a right to recover, the non-breaching Party shall be entitled to recover, as liquidated damages, fifty percent (50%) of the compensation, remuneration and monies the breaching Party receives, or as a right to receive, directly or indirectly, as a result of the breaching Party's actions. The non-breaching Party's right to receive liquidated damages is a non-exclusive remedy.
    The rights, obligations and restrictions of this covenant of non-circumvention shall survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement for a period of two (2) years thereafter.
  2. Non-Disclosure: Each party agrees not to disclose or otherwise reveal to any third Party any non-publicly available information provided by a disclosing party, including without limitation, identities, addresses, telephone numbers, facsimile numbers, email addresses, facsimile numbers, bank codes, account numbers, financial references, technical specifications, or project information without the specific written permission of the disclosing Party.

    The Party receiving the confidential information will limit access to said information to only those of the receiving Party's employees and authorized representatives having a need to know and who are bound by confidentiality agreements or other such restrictions.
  3. Term: This Agreement is valid for the following term: Five (5) years from the Effective Date of this Agreement.
  4. Parties Bound: This Agreement shall be binding upon all undersigned Parties and their heirs, successors, associates, affiliates and assigns. Each Party shall take reasonable steps to ensure that its Employees, Agents, Representatives, Officers, Independent Contractors, Shareholders, Principals and other third Parties abide by the provisions of this Agreement.
  5. Notice: All notices, demands, or requests given by the Parties shall be in writing transmitted to the other Party(s) at the last facsimile number or address the Party has designated.
  6. Language: The language in all the Agreements shall be in all cases constructed simply according to fair meaning and not strictly for or against either of the Parties and it is agreed that the English language will be used.
  7. Severability: Should any portion of this Agreement be declared invalid or unenforceable, then such portion shall be deemed to be severable from this Agreement and shall not effect the remainder herein.
  8. Integration: This Agreement constitutes the entire Non-Circumvention & Non-Disclosure Agreement between the Parties and supersedes all prior discussions, negotiations, and Agreements, whether oral or written. The Parties further intend that this Agreement constitutes the complete and exclusive statement of its terms and that no extrinsic evidence whatsoever may be introduced in any judicial or arbitration process involving this Agreement.
  9. Amendments: Any change or amendment to this Agreement, including oral modification supported by new consideration, must be put to writing and signed by all Parties before it will be effective.
  10. Waiver: No waiver or default of any of this Agreement by any Party shall be implied from any omission of such Party to take action against the defaulting Party. One or more waivers of any covenant, terms or conditions of this Agreement by any Party shall not be considered to be a waiver of render, unnecessary consent or approval of said Party of any subsequent or similar acts or omission.
  11. Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the internal laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts without reference to conflict of laws and legal principles.
  12. Attorney’s Fees: If any Party files any action or brings any proceeding against others arising from this Agreement, or is made a party to any action or proceedings arising from this Agreement, the prevailing Party shall be entitled to recover as an element of is cost to suit and not as damages, reasonable attorney’s fees to be fixed by the court, arbitrator or adjudicative authority. The prevailing Party shall be the Party entitled to recover its cost to suit or arbitration, whether or not entitled to recover costs.
  13. Relationship: The Parties hereto shall not be deemed to be Partners or Joint Ventures, and no Party shall be liable for any other Party’s commitments or liabilities resulting from execution of this Agreement.
  14. Force and Effect of Documents: The Parties hereto agree that a signed telefax or other facsimile copy of this Agreement shall have the full force and effect as the original of this document.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties hereto execute this Agreement as a sealed instrument by their authorized representative.

Globond International Inc.:


Printed Name & Title


Company (Name:


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