Friday, December 04, 2009

Milla Mathias' New Book "Quem Disse que Você não Tem Nada pra Vestir?" (Who Says that you Have Nothing to Wear?")

(BR Press) – Every morning, millions of women confront their closet and the mission of choosing the right piece of clothing to wear for one more day of work, a professional event, a personal encounter or some other occasion. It is in this hour, with little time and the clock ticking that they grumble and yell out the famous expression “I don’t have anything to wear". The closet is full of course, including full of possibilities.

To show that there is always something to wear and how to always use the right clothing for each occasion, taking age into account, physical type and using correctly what one has at hand, the image consultant Milla Mathias wrote the book “Who Says You Have Nothing to Wear?—How to Have a Closet that Enhances your Image” (Matrix Editora, 127 págs., R$ 27,00 and available only in Portuguese at the moment).


The author shows that the best piece for any determined situation, whether it is a normal day or workday, a business lunch, party, or romantic encounter, is within reach. “The truth is that the majority of people jam up their closets with pieces that are often not right for them, and for that reason, they think that they really have nothing to wear”, affirms Milla.

The book explains that people need to understand their biotype to buy the right pieces. The author says that it is possible to be impeccable without necessary using the most expensive brands.


Full of photos of people with diverse biotypes, with a lot of humor and levity, the book serves as a basic guide for day to day and how to use the right pieces to favor your body and hide weaker points that do not benefit your wardrobe, all with the support of the most competent image and style consultants in Brazil.

Milla Mathias is a Paulistana (from Sao Paulo), image and personal style consultant, collaborator in diverse print and digital media, aside from being a media star and Presenter in image and fashion segments on radio, TV and diverse channels.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Run for Kids Who Can't, A-T Children's Project

Ataxia-telangiectasia, or "A-T," is a progressive, degenerative disease that affects a startling variety of body systems. Children with A-T appear normal at birth, and the first signs of the disease usually appear during the second year of life. These first signs are usually a "wobbly" lack of balance and slurred speech caused by "ataxia," which means a lack of muscle control.

A-T is presently incurable and unrelenting. If they are lucky enough not to develop cancer, most A-T children are dependent on wheelchairs by the age of ten, not because their muscles are too weak, but because they cannot control them. Later, A-T patients usually die from respiratory failure or cancer by their teens or early twenties. A few A-T patients live into their forties, but they are extremely rare.

The A-T Children's Project, located in Coconut Creek Florida, raises money to fund medical research that will hopefully find a cure or treatment for A-T.

Why not put together a team of Globonders and join Olympic Triathlete Hunter Kemper run or walk to help find a cure for a rare, fatal genetic disease that affects kids? Join the A-T CureTeam and make a difference!

The A-T Children's Project has teams of runners at some of the country's most popular races, including the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, and the Inaugural Kauai Marathon and Half Marathon.

Imagine sparkling blue water - pristine white sand beaches - lush rainforests. For the first time, all of these features and more will be seen from a runner’s-eye view during the inaugural Kauai Marathon. Kauai’s tropical paradise will become the backdrop for this world class event. All team members who meet their fundraising minimums will receive coach airfaire and three nights at the Grand Hyatt at the magnificent Poipu Beach on Kauai. And, we give you all the tools that you need to raise the funds, including personal fundraising webpages. Scheduled over Labor Day weekend, the event will be an amazing way to connect with friends and family, recharge, run a great race, win an inaugural medal, and most importantly, help make sure that kids with this rare disease get the first-rate research that they deserve.

The A-T Children's Project is a nonprofit organization that raises funds for first-class research, scientific workshops, and a clinical center, all aimed at finding a cure or life-improving therapies for ataxia-telangiectasia, or A-T for short. A-T causes progressive loss of muscle control, immune system problems, and a strikingly high rate of cancer, particularly leukemia or lymphoma. Kids with A-T are born seemingly healthy. Yet, they usually rely on wheelchairs by the time that they are 10, and it is often fatal by the late teens.

To find out more about putting together a team of Globonders for the Kauai marathon or any of our other race weekends, or to learn more about our cause, please visit our website at and click on the A-T CureTeam logo, or call 1.800.5.HELP.A-T. Or, you can email me directly at We look forward to seeing you there!

Jennifer Thornton,
Executive Director
A-T Children's Project

Globond and the Turkish American Chamber of Commerce

Globond is very proud to have the Turkish American Chamber of Commerce and Industry of NYC, headed by President Sevil Ozisik and Executive Director Safak Dogan, as a Globond corporate member.

Since they joined recently we have already organized an event together on October 22 and a Globonder was a featured speaker at a regular TACCI seminar. Then on January 21, 2010 Globond and TACCI will hold a Power Dinner Gala at the New York Athletic Club to start the year off strong. Details of these events are here below:

October 22: Pre-Gala Event, Power Dinner/ Sponsor Meeting

Turkish American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TACCI) organized a Pre-Gala/Power Dinner - Sponsors Meeting with Globond International at The Marmara Manhattan Hotel. President of TACCI Ms. Sevil Ozisik and Globond Representative Kirstin Myers both gave a speech about the upcoming “Gala” event of TACCI. Following their remarks, all the guests were introduced by Mrs Ozisik and Ms Myers. Our special guest Globonder Philip Berry, who is also the President of our newest member at TACCI, the “Philip Berry Associates LLC”, gave an outstanding speech about the “Four Qualities of Leadership”. The speech delivered by Berry was a huge success with the audience, and attendees also had the chance to enjoy top-quality Ancyra series of the Internationally renowned Turkish wine “Kavaklidere”, in their “Pasabahce” wine glasses (Pasavahce is the most prestigiousTurkish glassware brand)

We would like to thank all the attendees who shared the beautiful ambiance with us that night.

Our special thanks to the generous sponsors of the night:
  • The Marmara Manhattan Hotel – Ms. Nur Ercan Magden – Acting General Manager (Also one of our Premium Members at TACCI)
  • The House of Burgundy, Inc – Mr. Mehmet Yorukoglu - President
  • Pasabahce-Sisecam USA – Mr. Neil Orzeck – Managing Director
See images from this event here.

November 19: TACCI Executive Seminar

"Negotiating Business Contracts - The Future of the Organization" seminar was held by Turkish American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TACCI), on November 19th at the Turkish Center, featuring Mr. Mark Meirowitz and Dr. Domenico Lepore, PHD. . The event kicked off at 6 pm with approximately 40 guests who had the chance to mingle and do networking enjoying the delicious treats, compliments of Ali Baba Turkish Cuisine, a member of TACCI.

After the networking session, both speakers of the night were introduced by the President of TACCI, Ms. Sevil Ozisik.

Globonder Dr. Lepore, who is also the author of "Deming and Goldratt: The Decalogue with Oded Cohen", started his speech about "Translating Knowledge Into Action: the constraint to growth". He talked about the three faculties of the intellect: intuition, development and execution. He also talked about his past experiences in business world, the importance of sustainability and interactivity in reaching the goals set by all kinds of business entities.

Mr. Lepore's session was followed by Q & A's

The Annual Power Dinner
Turkish American Chamber of Commerce and Industry & Globond

January 21st, 2009, New York City (Location: Manhattan TBA)

Meet The Modern Face Of Turkey… A Face That Will Dazzle You…

From a regional power to a global actor, Turkey is one of the hottest emerging markets and the 15th largest economy in the World. Come to TACCI's Annual Power Dinner where Turkish business and government leaders, journalists and celebrities will meet their peers from the US and other countries to establish strong relationships, advance mutual interests, and get the new year off to a strong start. Turkish President Abdullah Gul has said the "Global economy is on the brink of a radical change" and TACCI wants to do its part to reshape the World through Global Business Collaboration. Dinner will be elegant black-tie, and attendees will enjoy delicious Turkish food and wine, a live musical performance, dancing and a silent auction. Invitees have been hand-picked one by one based on background and synergy with other attendees.

To get an invitation or for sponsorship opportunities and further details please contact Mr. Safak Dogan at

End of the Year Party in Boston and Sao Paulo

December 17 is the date on which Globond will celebrate the end of the year in both Boston and Sao Paulo. Globonder Milla Mathias and her business and life partner Cesar are the organizers in Sao Paulo and details are in this flyer which is in Portuguese. If you are in Brazil and would like to attend but do not speak Portuguese, just ask for our help. The location for the Boston party, being organized by Globond will be posted here as well by Friday, December 4 but go ahead and put it on your calendar.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Wine & Cheese and a Winter Sale of the Worth Collection

Monday, January 25, 2010 - Worth Showroom, Manhattan - Wine & Cheese and a Preview of Spring trends

Globonder Grace Vandecruze cordially invites Women Globonders & Friends to a Wine & Cheese and a Preview of Spring trends

Time: 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Grace says: “ WORTH COLLECTION is a private-label, designer-quality, line of distinctive clothing for women who require service, quality and value for their clothing. This line is ideal for working women but also offers beautiful casual wear as well. You will be really impressed with the quality and style of the fabrics and the size range of 0 through 20 including Petites. The sale is by appointment only. We will also give you a preview of the Spring 2010 trends.”

Who Cares?

Sao Paulo Globonder Mara Morao is an award-winning Brazilian filmmaker, whose previous film “DOUTORES DA ALEGRIA” was recognized in Brazil and abroad and considered by UNESCO as a movie which promotes a “Culture of Peace”.

Mara has just made her most recent film “Who Cares”, about social entrepreneurs in 20 ONG’s in 11 countries. One of these entrepreneurs is the beloved Wellington Nogueira the head of Doutores de Alegria who are clowns that visit Brazilian hospitals to cheer up sick children and adults. Others featured in the film are Ashoka founder Bill Drayton and Nobel Prize winner Muhamad Yunus. Mara is in the final stages of this film production and has already raised $1.25 million from sponsors such as Bradesco, Natura, Kraft and CSN in Brazil. These companies used funds from the Brazilian Lei Rounet and the Lei Incentivo Audio Visual, which give corporations tax write offs for sponsoring the arts. She is looking for an additional R$ 240,000. to complete the film and an additional US $300,000 for post-production and global distribution for educational purposes. IF you do have Lei Rounet or Lei Incentivo Audio Visual Funds available, or if you are an international company looking to do CSR and good PR at the same time, this is a great opportunity.

Please let get in touch with if you or anyone you know is interested in this project!

Hong Kong/Dubai/Melbourne Globonder Brett King & Globond Founder Kirstin Myers in Athens

The International Academy of Financial Management (IAFM) presented this Thursday (26th November) in cooperation with SBC TV (Satellite Business Channel), the very first ANNUAL LEADERS ROUNDTABLE in Athens.

Key speakers presented their positions for the upcoming conditions on global and local markets to an audience consisting of 80 of the top businessmen and executives of Greek industry.

IAFM has a long history of pioneering such events with respect to professional and social development, but this event brought to the Greek capital members and affiliates from across the globe to participate in this executive exchange. Panel members included Globonder Brett King from the Board of the IAFM, Remy Cohen of Cohen&Co, Kirstin Myers of Globond and Alkis Magdalinos advisor of the HEPO.

The conference focused on the development of the global economy emerging from the financial crisis, along with strategies and tools for adapting to the new market. Discussion on innovation, corporate diplomacy and change management were also presented and discussed with the bankers, industrialists and presidents of professional associations that were in attendance.

Brett said “The financial crisis is just the beginning for retail institutions. The toughest challenges are yet to come. Continued technology innovations, Web 2.0, social networking, app phones and mobility are stretching traditional banking models to the limit. Customer behavior is rapidly changing, why cheques are disappearing and your mobile phone will replace your wallet – all within the next 10 years."

He mentioned his upcoming book Bank 2.0 and his findings that "90-95% of bank transactions are executed electronically today. Internet, ATM, Call Centre and Smartphones have become mainstream for customers, while banks still classify these as ‘alternative channels’ and maintain an organization structure where Branch dominates thinking."

When Kirstin asked how many attendees were on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, she was surprised to learn that only 2 of the Greek attendees were using any of those social media. She urged them to get connected with rest of the world on these platforms and spoke of a new world which has resulted from “Tectonic Shifts”. The world needs Tectonic Leadership she explained while pointing out that the word Tectonic means not only destruction but creation; the origin of word is the Greek “Tektonios” which means builder.

Kirstin also spoke about the huge opportunity for emerging players like Greece to take their proper place on the world stage and to help lead the new world via their excellent relationship skills, priority on the family and balance between their personal and professional life. She reminded them that Greece was the birthplace of democracy and that it was in Sparta where 300 brave men fought to their death to defend their principles and way of life.

The roundtable was moderated by Athanasios Papandropoulos, emeritus President of the European Journalists associations.

The Deputy Minister of Finance, Ph. Sachinidis was the sponsor of the event representing the City of Athens and the Greek government.

Earlier that day, Brett and Kirstin were interviewed for an hour on SBC, Athens’ financial channel and Bloomberg partner.

Globond Founder Kirstin Myers Speaks at Social Media Networking Conference

(Adapted from a International Executive Resources Group press release) With the widespread use of the Internet in the late 1990s, businesses began to explore new ways of conducting and connecting with business opportunities both on a national and international level. Now with greater access to social media networking, the fundamentals of human connections and relationships (the basic elements that are hard wired in all of us) have become a vital business strategy for companies to embrace to connect cultures with new business opportunities.

To understand the basic principles first hand, the International Executive Resources Group, Inc., featured four experts offering their insights into the opportunities with international social media networking, November 23, 2009, at the Emerging Enterprise Center at Foley Hoag in Waltham, MA. Among the experts was Kirstin Elaine Myers, founder of Globond International.

Kirstin provided insight into her journey along the way of building international business relationships. Globond, founded in 2002, provides a resource where she connects interested, ethical, talented and humble business people with a social media support system. The company was developed to offer a unique global membership club for tectonic leaders who boldly create business models and social change in today’s profoundly shifting world.

Kirstin had found a way to connect to professionals across the generation gap as well, including the Gen Xer’s who have profound technical knowledge and the baby-boomer generation who were new to this medium. As she put it, “I was now able to connect on a business level with a multitude of generational influencers that opened a great portal of business connection. These connections helped provide me with market research, new technologies and ways to improve my overall business.”

The four experts’ unique perspective and insights provided tangible references and tools for business people to consider utilizing social media networking as part of their overall business strategy. The predominate theme of the event emphasized the importance of allowing a company’s employees to explore the human connection that social media offers in a business setting.

Angela Montgomery’s Love-Story-in-Italy Novel

Globond-member Angela Montgomery’s first novel, Title to be announced in next issue, will be available soon. It is being published through a POD initiative for new writers funded by the Arts Council of England. Set in the scandal-ridden Milan of the early 1990s, it is a story about life choices and falling in love. She wrote it to speak out about the insidious daily compromises that society, in particular contemporary Italy, can create, and to celebrate our constant ability to choose a better way. She hopes readers will find the book entertaining, moving and inspiring. Globond will be assisting her to market the book.

Angela has lived in London, Salerno, Milan, New York and is now looking forward to relocating to Toronto. Her professional life started in theater, and spans education, writing and translation. She is writer, editor and researcher for the Sechel Intelligent Management project. This project was created by her husband Dr. Domenico Lepore, an organizational scientist. This systems-based management approach fosters higher intelligence by connecting three faculties of the intellect: intuition, understanding and knowledge and thus enables organizations to generate robust and powerful solutions and practice. It is a management methodology for the increasingly interconnected and interdependent world of the 21st century.

Raising the Bar: Effective Communication Pointers

By Larry Rosenberg

Every one of us can do a better job of communicating – face to face, by phone, and in writing – especially in the workplace, where professional and personal feeling tend to get mixed. To improve our communication performance to get the outcomes we desire starts with taking in the constructive feedback from one or more persons, who we trust and who respects us.

You may want to regard this constructive feedback as less about asking you to stop or change what you have been doing, and much more about inviting you to broaden and deepen your communication repertoire – for greater flexibility, adaptability and creativity. In this way, you can be even more successful in the future – in a wider range of business and social situations, and with a larger variety of important people.

Below are several ways to communicate more successfully. Only you can identify the ones that you need to work on.

Slow down and vary the speed of your speaking. And shorten your longish flow of words before making a genuine pause.

It tires people to hear a speaker go on and on, and at top, almost super-human, speed -- which does not feel natural in conversation (although it might has showmanship value). The result may be that they are hearing you, but actually not listening to all you are saying. This listening editing may mean that they do not get the key points you really want to convey.

Listeners need more time -- just a few second of quiet -- to take in, digest and consider your new, creative and sophisticated statements. This we cannot do easily or well when you jump from idea to idea. We do not always believe that you are thinking things through. It may come across as more force of performance than power of thought; and not always realizing the nuances and consequences of your ideas.

Pauses would be welcomed as they would better enable us to take in every one of your substantial ideas and respond to or ask a question of you. And they would better allow you to consider your previous statement (do you want to modify it?), and to reflect momentarily on your next statement (considering its implications, exceptions, consequences and/or risks).

Machines, such as robots, now or someday, will speak long and quickly. But that is not the affect (the root of affection) that people feel comfortable with and trust. The human touch – smiling, empathy and connection – is what really counts, rather than the quantity and rapidity of information.

Inevitably in a long/fast performance, there is the increased presence of gratuitous information. Aldo, a running-on speaking approach increases the repetition of points, which are not necessary and can become annoying.

Put another way, in conversations too much quantity (your tendency) can overwhelm and obscure genuine quality.

While not your conscious and explicit intent, the tour-de-force, long-and-fast statement style at can comes across as pushy (rather than engaging and inviting), selling (rather than explaining), and desperate (rather than poised, confident and sincere).

The long/fast speaking delivery approach may result in an immediate and apparently positive outcome, but may just as well be a reflection of a forced agreement – which later is regretted, resisted and rescinded.

In a long presentation done at a fast speed, it is more difficult for the listener to discern which are your major and which are your minor points. An effective way to make the major points stand out is to speak them at a slower speed – and with a heightened smile and leaning forward.

When the goal of your presentation/persuasion is for people not just to hear your points, but to understand, remember and act upon them, then pausing after each point, with the major ones having been spoken at a slower speed, would be a desirable speaking strategy.

It is believed that most top-of-the-food-chain persons (VIPs) appreciate class, finesse, quality, conciseness and precision. Following the recommendations outlined above can better convey this impression.

Looptworks is Rocking with the Black Crows

Also last month, Scott Hamlin was happy to report that the Black Crows lead guitarist Luther Dickinson was seen wearing on stage one of the company’s new casual jackets.

The Black Crowes is a rock and roll band from the U.S. that has sold over 20 million albums since it began in 1984. According to Wikipedia, "In 1990, the readers of Rolling Stone magazine voted the band “Best New American Band.” The Crowes is listed at #92 on VH1's "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock."

Luther Dickinson has been a member of The Black Crows since late 2007. He comes from Memphis, born in 1973, and grew up in a musical family. He is also the lead vocalist and guitarist for the North Mississippi All-Stars, which has been nominated for three Grammies in the Best Contemporary Blues category. He was featured in Rolling Stone as one of the new gods of the guitar. He follows in the footsteps of guitar legends, such as Jimmy Hendrix and Duane Allman, with a true blues-rock southern style.

To celebrate these recent successes and include all of us, Scott has graciously extended his 30% off of Looptworks product for Globonders & Friends to December 31, 2009. Click here to go the special page for this offer.

Raising the Bar: On Becoming a Vegetarian

By Larry Rosenberg

For years I was aware that important people to me were becoming vegetarians. Some gave the explanation of better health (or less weight and disease), better for animals (who will now be more at ease with you), or better for the Earth’s sustainability. I also realized that the definition of a vegetarian was flexible, sometimes strict in banning non-flesh foods or even eggs and dairy, and other times more inclusive.

As I have aged (I am now 66), I have recognized that the path to optimal health and longevity involves diet, exercise, stress management, relationships, environment and life purpose/fulfillment – or what I call the “Agenda of Six.” Over the decades, I have observed that many people I know are not aging well and even “crashing and burning” – getting diseases as immune systems weaken, losing mental clarity and memory, declining in energy and joy in living, and drifting without life purpose and vision. I have been doing my best to enhance my Agenda of Six to live well and long (with my goal being a modest 100).

Slowly my diet has improved over the years. But I came to realize, from friends and websites, that I was risking my health with some risky eating habits. Among them were comfort foods (wheat bread and pastas), white sugar (in pastry), prepared foods (full of unpronounceable ingredients), and chicken and fish (raised under questionable circumstances; I had given up red meat long ago).

I was also told of the vitality gained from raw foods and how they deprived prospective cancer cells of fuel (too many people I know have suffered from cancer). As my mother was such a bland and cautious cook, when getting my first apartment at 23, I have been dedicated to being a gourmet cook, which meant I prepared foods from exotic ingredients and in diverse combinations – too often of dubious health value. I also became conscious that I compensated for unconscious-based emotional swings by eating too much of this or too rich of that – with bloated, tired and gaseous results.

When I learned that America’s average health span ends seven years before the average life span, I declared that I wanted to be healthy – in body, mind and spirit – until the day that I passed on. I decided to take the Big Step – and undoing an eating style of decades is a Very Big Step – and become a vegetarian! But my own version of one.

I believe in the benefit of ritual, and saw the value of clearing out the old (past) before transitioning to the new (future). The result was my seven-day cleanse – including digestive herbs in pill and powder form, fruit and vegetable smoothies, and a series of colonics (using water to flush the “gunk” out of the intestines and adjacent organs). While not an easy regimen to follow, this preparation nicely readied me for a new way of eating.

I am now happily my own model of a vegetarian. I said good-bye to fish and chicken. I prepare more raw foods, especially salads (created from 20 or so ingredients in my refrigerator). I buy virtually all-organic ingredients. I avoid wheat and dairy products. I reject food in cans. I make soups from fresh and organic ingredients. And I cook up healthy grains, some from Peru and Ethiopia, which until recently I had never heard of, adding various spices, soy sauce, nuts (soaked overnight to aid their digestibility), and vegetables (especially onions and garlic).

I was aware of the wise saying, “Sometimes you have to feed the wolf to save the sheep.” To me this means having occasional eggs, which I adore; and enjoying raw chocolate, which I now make myself and amaze others with its deep, natural and alive taste – it is simpler to whip up than I ever imagined and fits into my passion for creativity. And I reserve the right on special occasions to consume – in very small quantities to avoid shocking my body – that are no longer on my acceptable list, such as pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream.

If you are considering becoming a vegetarian, let me share this advice with you: Do a seven-day digestive system cleanse to make the transition from old to new eating habits. Find an expert in the vegetarian, raw and healthy cooking realm to teach you how to genuinely enjoy, not just cope with, this new world of eating. Come up with your own definition of being a vegetarian – what you give up, what you follow, and what treats you will allow yourself (in moderation). Remove the forbidden foods from your larder (donating them to food banks), and stock up on fascinatingly healthy foods, such as Himalayan salt and coconut oil.

Select restaurants that have several vegetarian options on the menu, particularly exciting salads. When invited to meals in people’s homes, gently explain to them in advance what you now can and cannot eat; be somewhat flexible to consume in polite moderation foods placed in front of you that are now off your list. When people ask you why you are a vegetarian, respond with diplomatic precision and brevity, and without boosting and judging their old-paradigm foods.

So go ahead, consider becoming a vegetarian – to boost your health, control your weight, love farm/ranch animals, or save the planet. Plus, learn to creatively prepare foods from the Earth’s garden that contribute to your joy of life!