Monday, July 27, 2009

Globond Premium Services

In addition to every Member’s Basic Services, Globond offers Premium Services to raise the level of success for its Members.

The Globond Team approach to premium services involves this process:
  • Assessing needs – feedback on current goal achievement.
  • Giving advice for planning how to enhance power and success.
  • Recommending outstanding service providers, who are typically Globonders, and making introductions.
  • Assuring quality – monitoring of progress and issues.

The Premium Services Menu includes:

  1. Upgrading your style strategy – professional identity/image, personal appearance, and clothing/accessories.
  2. Arranging your personal fitness strategy or training – healing, health, vitality and appearance.
  3. Setting up professional empowerment coaching.
  4. Training/coaching in your capital strategy – how to present to venture capitalists.
  5. Setting up meetings with venture capitalists.
  6. Improving your organization of activities in space – office, workshop and home.
  7. Enhancing your time management – scheduling, efforts, processes, systems and results.
  8. Conducting your research projects.
  9. Establishing ongoing information system.
  10. Setting up your writing projects – core concepts, articles, speeches, reports and books.
  11. Supporting your computer software and technology systems (customer relations management) – selection, installation, training and help-desk.
  12. Coaching you in cross-cultural relations.
  13. Arranging translation and interpretation services.
  14. Teaching you foreign languages.
  15. Providing you with professional photographs.
  16. Designing and producing your business cards.
  17. Designing and producing your brochure and other materials.
  18. Providing your business with advertising – campaign strategies and media buying power.
  19. Creating a beyond-the-basics social networking strategy and support – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
  20. Developing and managing your business website and search engine optimization support.
  21. Setting up your video and audio projects (for YouTube, website and promotions) – planning, shooting, editing and placement.
  22. Developing video games – from your idea/ to final product and even to commercialization.
  23. Creating your speeches/presentations – planning, PowerPointing, editing and ghostwriting.
  24. Coaching you on the delivery of your speeches and presentations.
  25. Planning your special events – venue, decoration, equipment, food, rooms, etc.
  26. Developing your book project – planning, editing, ghostwriting, literary agent and publishing (established publisher or self-publishing).
  27. Developing your television or movie project – planning, editing, ghostwriting, agent and producer placement.
  28. Setting up your hosting your online (website-based) television or radio program.
  29. Formulating your public relations strategy for media coverage.
  30. Creating your media kit.
  31. Writing your press releases and sending them out to appropriate media.
  32. Coaching you for media interviews.
  33. Providing concierge services for you – shopping, travel and entertainment.
  34. Conducting complex problem solving for you – troubleshooting and conflict resolution.
  35. Coaching you for life inspiration and spiritual awareness – for life’s big goals, attainable through the soul’s connection to the divine.

Sharing advice concerning the above premium services is part of the Membership fee. For the planning and implementation of premium services, fees will be charged.

Members will fill out the Premium Services Assessment Form to indicate the services they believe they need in order to raise the bar on their success potential.

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