Monday, July 27, 2009

Who We Wre And What We Do

About Globond

Globond’s Members, called Globonders, are extraordinary individuals who have achieved success and satisfaction in their personal and business lives, and who are now dedicated to be world leaders by making their business models more influential and working together for the benefit of humanity. Globonders come from many countries and cultures, and represent diverse businesses and professions.

Globond International, Inc.’s mission is to connect, empower, fund and strategize ways to meet the personal and professional goals of its Members, who will in turn shape social and global change. Through its large network of Friends of Globond, the powerful networks of its Members, Globond can access virtually any organization or person on the planet.

Globond’s business model is unique and effective because of:
  • The high quality of its members – organizations and individuals (usually CEOs).
  • Their enthusiastic and valuable support of each other’s goals.
  • The professional and personal guidance of the Globond Team (management).

Globond produces value for its Members by actively tapping into these business forces, the 3Ss:

  • Synergy – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Serendipity – “the art of making unsought findings” (Pek Van Andel).
  • Synchronicity – coincidence of events that are meaningfully related.

To become a Globonder, people need to meet these Membership criteria:

  • Achievement of personal and professional success.
  • A strong desire to partner with other world leaders to create a strategic plan for empowered personal and professional goals that in the process benefit humanity.
  • International and intercultural involvement, and desire to benefit from a global economy.
  • Linked to a variety of extraordinary individuals and companies who are like-minded.
  • Taking of 100% responsibility for his/her behavior and creation.
  • Possession of and access to a mix of resources upon which success depends.
  • Deeply ethical – operating personally and professional from a place of integrity.
  • Humility, recognizing that the new model for success revolves around us rather than me.

The Globond Team guides Globonders in these ways, called the 5Rs:

  1. Raising the bar – assessing Member goals, strategies, resources and results to increase the potential for success.
  2. Presenting creative ways to enhance the Member Reputation.
  3. Introducing Member to valuable Relationships – with other Globond Members and important non-members – with support in how to leverage them.
  4. Generating new and larger Revenues – or other monetized forms of activities, such as investments, sponsorships and donations.
  5. Rallying for sustained success – follow up to assure that Member goals are achieved during the membership term.

We on the Globond Team are here to help you get the most out of your Globond membership. Please contact any of our CEOs:

  1. Kirstin Elaine Myers, Chief Expansion Officer (, Mass.
  2. Larry J. Rosenberg, Chief Empowerment Officer (, Ariz.
  3. Elyce Monet, Chief Energy Officer (, Calif.
  4. Chris W. Lawson, Chief Exit-Strategy Officer (, Mass.

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