Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tectonic Leadership Summit (Pilot)

Thursday, June 25- Saturday, June 27, in Washington DC: Tectonic Leadership Summit (Pilot)

“The Globond Tectonic Leadership Summit provided participants and invited guests a dynamic platform to exchange ideas and confront head-on the necessity for a new form of global leadership. The Summit’s importance will be felt in the coming months and years as participants engage in dialogue and future meetings to construct a leadership blueprint. This is truly a moment for Globonders to influence how organizations and communities can chart a course that is inclusive, rather than exclusive while transforming our notion of ‘true’ leadership and personal responsibility.”

Stefan Pagacik
CEO, Greenpoint Ventures, Inc

Globond held its pilot of the Tectonic Leadership summit last month at the Ritz Carlton in Tyson Corners outside Washington DC with 33 seriously committed world-changers from every region of the world and many different sectors (bankers and venture capitalists, social entrepreneurs, journalists, authors, technologists, executives, environmentalists, educators, health and wellness practitioners, etc.). Attendees were also presenters and together we agreed that Tectonic Leadership is necessary and that we will hold a bigger summit with 300+ attendees and leaders of countries, corporations, and NGOs, etc. from November 5-7, 2009.

The group reviewed, refined and came to a consensus on the qualities of a Tectonic Leader:

Qualities of a Tectonic Leader
  • Takes 100% responsibility• Embraces the paradox inherent in every situation
  • Leads with Intent, putting care and growth of colleagues, employees and customers ahead of personal self-interest
  • Leaves behind Advocacy of one’s own interest to take greater responsibility for common good of all parties
  • Acts from the “Be-Do-Have” Principle
  • Is Authentic at all times and acting with IntegrityGlobonder John Canning and his associate filmed the summit and the video will be available shortly, at which time we will put it on our Tectonic Leadership Summit website.

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