Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Profiles of Two Distinguished Globond Premium Service Providers

Website Services

Meet Virginia Ramirez, founder and head of Another Time Designs, and one of the most creative, client-focused, fast-delivering and reasonable-priced web developers the Globond Team knows. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, this Globond Member has been doing websites for 11 years. She has built more than 50 websites, from two to 6,000 pages in length. While working for the State of Nevada in the early days of websites, she found herself assigned to creating a large site and basically learned on the job, plus working on a series of nonprofit sites.

Today Virginia has a portfolio of websites in a variety of areas – government, marketing and public relations, coaching, conferences (including Globond’s TectonicLeadershipSummit.com), products (hot sauce, natural soaps, and sanitized airline tray-table covers), resorts, book authors, lawyers and nonprofit organizations. She can provide the full range of website services – website development and maintenance, advertising splash pages, Ning social networking, HTML newsletters and promotional emails, graphic design, e-books and transcript formatting, domain registration and transfer, shopping-cart services, blog posting, and search engine optimization.

Here is what Globonder Susan Harrow, CEO, PRsecrets.com and author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul, “Virginia is a godsend. She works fast, efficiently and with little direction. When there is a big project with lots of pressure, she gets what's needed done calmly and accurately, and she's always there in a pinch. I couldn't do my job without her. She's an excellent team member who cares about doing things well. If you are thinking of hiring a webmistress, she's the one."

Globonder Virginia is truly a master of the art and science of web services! See her work at www.anothertimedesigns.com/Website/index.html.

Video Services

When you feel the need for a video – from concept to shooting to editing – check out the incredibly gifted professional and Globonder, John Canning. Since 1987, his career has spanned media production, delivery methods and multiple platforms.

Based in Los Angeles, John wears several hats – executive producer and videographer for Green Living Project, video game consultant for the Monitor Group, digital media consultant for Disney, and Senior Director of Business Development for Mary-Margaret Network. These roles are under the guidance of his firm, Media Sherpa Consulting and Productions, which draws on his many areas of expertise and vast experience.

John has been part of the Media and Entertainment Industry for 22 years. He started in the Interactive Television division of Scientific Atlanta, in jobs ranging from Applications Architect/Systems Engineer to Project Manager, while simultaneously earning a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Information Design and Technology from Georgia Tech.

In 1997, John joined Microsoft where he was marketing manager for Cable, Product Manager for the TV division, Technical Evangelist the eHome division. He freelanced as a producer, videographer, photographer and reporter for MSN, MSNBC and Slate. In 2005, he moved to Yahoo! Serving as Director of Content Distribution, Field Producer/Reporter, Photographer, and 3rd Party Liaison for the Richard Bangs Adventures Series, and Producer for Yahoo Games and Entertainment.

With all this super-creative video experience, John is still a nice guy, joy to work with and humble! Visit his website at www.mediasherpa.net. If you need video services – for your website, YouTube, sales presentation, TV commercials, DVD products, and the like – you can’t do better than Globond’s gentle John.

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