Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Raising Your Bar

Raising Your Bar: Think of Authoring Your Book
by Larry Rosenberg

As a Globonder, striving to enhance your business success and influence for the good of the world, have you written a book yet? To do so is to raise the bar of your reputation, which leads to relationships and revenues.

Several things give evidence of your professional and business competency and stature, such as advanced degrees, top universities, prestige affiliations, awards/honors and publications. Perhaps the most dramatic sign that you are an authority in your field having authored a book. Articles are good too, but a book puts you in a bigger league.

You can author your book alone or with others. It could also be the work of a ghostwriter, editor or book doctor; but as long as your name is on the cover, you get the credit. It can be a thin or thick volume; the length matters less than the fact that you are the (apparent) author. Hard or soft cover is not that key anymore. It used to count that your publisher was well known, but this is less important now that self-publishing and e-books are considered reasonable options. Hopefully the book will get many and good reviews, but then you need only quote the good ones. Then there are the book’s sales: short of a best seller (which I wish on you!), no one has to really know how many copies you sold or have in storage.

What does your book demonstrate? That you have something that you believe is worth writing in book length and publishing. The book shows that you took the time, effort and expense to produce it. If you feel deeply about the content of your book, then the world needs to access and benefit from it and you! It enhances your reputation as a speaker and trainer, if your book mentioned in the introduction and is for sale at the event. Few things are more symbolic of your graciousness and status than giving your book as a gift to someone, and especially personalizing it with your hand-written inspirational message in the front of the book.

How easy is it to come out with a book? It depends on several things:
  • How good a writer are you? No matter how good, you still need someone to edit your work and give you feedback.
  • How much discretionary time do you have to write the book? If not so much, then consider a ghostwriter.
  • Do you have enough to say to create a book? If you believe in yourself and your work, then you do. If you feel a few aspects of your knowledge are missing, then do research or hire a researcher (ghostwriters usually can do the research).

If you are busy and successful, you may at least have the time to write out the book’s concept and an outline of the chapters, and maybe a proposal or even a sample (usually the first) chapter. If not, it is respectable to hire a ghostwriter to walk you through the process and interview you along the way. Nearly all famous people do it.

The Globond Team can help frame your book project and suggest ghostwriter we know to help you. Think of your book as an investment in your further success!

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