Thursday, March 19, 2009

Can you be over-charged and still reset? Yes if you are a Tectonic Leader™

You have probably seen or read about the recent meeting between US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her counterpart Sergei Lavrov. Clinton began by taking out a pretty little yellow box which contained a red button, and she beamed at him, saying "I would like to present you with a little gift that represents what President Obama and Vice President Biden and I have been saying and that is: 'We want to reset our relationship and so we will do it together". Then she continued by saying to Lavrov, "We worked hard to get the right Russian word. Do you think we got it?" Well, Secretary of State Clinton did not get it, as the Russian Foreign Minister readily pointed out: "You got it wrong!" It turns out that the chosen word, "Peregruzka" s – mistakenly substituted for Perezagruzka - is actually the Russian word for "overcharged" Such a not so subtle mistake, in an “overcharged” political climate, could have embarrassed the most skilled of diplomats; yet the incident did not seem to frazzle the US Secretary of State, who decided to stay on course with the “Intent” of the gift; she instead took Lavrov by the arm and said “"We won't let you do that to us. Let’s go have dinner Sergei”. Dinner we were told was relaxed and joyful. Minister Sergei Lavrov hailed as wonderful his relationship with her; Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised the visit as a new start in U.S.-Russian ties after their first one-on-one meeting.

What took place in this encounter is an expression of leadership, Tectonic Leadership™, a term coined by Globonder Samia Bahsoun that describes the type of leadership needed in “overcharged” political situations, challenging financial crisis, daunting environmental threat.

The Tectonic Leadership™ process begins with a clear definition of the problem at hand, ironically an “overcharged” political climate in this case. Secretary of State Clinton walked into the meeting the “Right Intent”, the second step in the process. As Etsko Schuitema, another Globonder, will affirm through his experience dealing with leadership matters and organizational dynamics (as described in his book “Intent”), it is the benevolence of that Intent that determines outcome.

In spite of the words on the button, written in Roman letters instead of Cyrillic, it is the willingness of the leader to step into the fault, transparently and with the right intent, that describes the “function of the Tectonic Leader™, the “tekton”, mason of the new relational architecture.”

“Tectonic Leadership™ is not about having all the answers. It not about knowledge nor is it about common sense.” Condoleezza Rice, fluent in Russian and an expert on Russia, had all the “common” knowledge but failed to deliver; in fact the gap widened during her tenure. The Tectonic Leader™ will assume and accept that the boundaries of conflict do shift and are paradoxical, sometimes as confusing and fuzzy as PEREGRUZKA and PEREZAGRUZKA ; yet by choice and with the Right Intent, they can be “Overcharged” or “Reset”. Secretary of State Clinton and Minister Lavrov seemed to have made that choice last week. So can we!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Globonders March 2009

Biography of Joseph Alexander

Joseph Alexander began his bright career as a public speaker and performer in a little church in Des Moines, Iowa. Even at an early age his leadership shined through, placing him on local television by the time he was 4 years old. As he grew up, his interest in music and performance grew. He tried various instruments, sang in many choirs and musical groups, and appeared on stage in school drama productions. With all the music filling his life in the Mid-west, he was still not quite satisfied. He read many books and dreamed of far away places and began learning his first foreign language by sitting in on his older sister's French studies.

Eventually, he spent six years studying the French language and taught himself the basics of German, Italian and Hebrew by the time he went to College. Though he had an aptitude and interest in science, he was sure for years that he wanted to become a lawyer. He figured that was the career that would get him to the lands of these wonderful languages. So he majored in Medieval European History and minored in Political Science and English Literature. His university experience was a dreamland as he explored the foundations of many cultures, the events, the literature and art which informs modern society.

He left the MidWest to attend law school at Boston University. Full of confidence and hope, he took on the laborious studies with ease. All the hours in the library paid off with a position at the prestigious Boston law firm Goodwin Proctor LLC, working on high profile transactions. But a visit to India during one Summer break gave him the itch for international travel. He visited India again at the end of his first year in the law firm and realized he wanted to work directly to improve the lives of people who did not have his privileged American lifestyle. Eventually, he went to Thailand to work for a Community Development organization. He spent 3 years in Thailand, and became fluent in the language, including 2 dialects. His facility with the language allowed him to work as a guide for various business and government leaders visiting the country, as well as more direct work with people in rural communities. After teaching in a prestigious university for a cross-cultural program, he decided he had more to learn from his home culture. He returned to the US and to the practice of law.

He went to at another large law firm, Burns & Levinson LLP, where he was able to craft the international practice he had dreamed of. At this time he began his study of Mandarin as well as his interest in Intellectual Property law. The Dot Com era allowed Joseph to discover that he could be creative as a lawyer and that he could continue the community development work that he loved. He left that firm for a position that combined his passions and interests, and went to teach at the Harvard Law School in its community law center. He was naturally supportive and demanding of his students and helped them make a difference in the lives of many small businesses and local homeowners. This position deepened his interest and expertise in intellectual property. Later he received a prestigious Fulbright award to research the effects of Intellectual Property laws on traditional medicine in Sri Lanka.

In Sri Lanka he learned about traditional healing practices, and was fascinated by the use of "Energy." After teaching at a local law school and doing research, he stayed in Sri Lanka to work as a legal consultant for international finance deals. While on a visit to the US he began taking yoga classes in New York City. He fell in love with the yoga and New York and decided to stay. He had been practicing yoga since his first trip to India, but had not been this involved and consistent. He soon found an apartment and a job and took the yoga classes so earnestly that he eventually trained to become an instructor at the Dahn Yoga Centers. After a while, he did so well as an instructor that he decided to give up his legal practice; however, Dahn’s New York/New Jersey regional organization, CGI, Inc., needed a lawyer and one of their new instructors happened to be a corporate lawyer. He has done a marvelous job juggling the responsibilities of managing a yoga studio with those of legal counsel of a growing business. The result is a wonderful synergy of practical and inspirational approaches to life. Joseph Alexander is an outstanding, talented individual with humility and courage. His smile is deep, genuine and infectious. When you meet Joseph, get ready for your life to change.....for the better.

Biography of Philip Berry

Philip Berry is the Managing Principal of Berry Block and Bernstein LLC which is a global management consulting, executive coaching and training practice. They will specialize in the areas of leadership training, global talent management, global diversity, innovation, team building, corporate social responsibility, employee relations effectiveness and affirmative actions compliance. Philip Berry was previously Vice President, Global Workplace Initiatives for Colgate-Palmolive. In this role, Philip focused on enhancing Colgate’s efforts to attract and retain the best people from a diverse and broad base of global talent, and to create an inclusive work environment that furthers Colgate’s commitment to Becoming the Best Place to Work.

Philip joined Colgate in 1990 as Associate Director of Human Resources in the U.S. Company. He has subsequently held senior Human Resources positions serving the Central Europe/Russia, Africa/Middle East, Latin America and European Divisions. In each of these areas Philip has made outstanding contributions in focusing the Human Resources function on key business issues, particularly goal alignment, training, plant site rationalization, and acquisition integration. In 2001, Philip became Vice President, Global Employee Relations - Best Place to Work. and was elected a Corporate Officer in 2003.

Prior to joining Colgate, Philip acquired broad Human Resources expertise at Procter & Gamble, where he worked for eight years in labor relations, organizational development and compensation. He also worked at Digital Equipment as Personnel Director and the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority as VP, Human Resources.

Philip holds an AA degree from Borough of Manhattan Community College, BA degree from Queens College in New York, a Master’s in Science from Columbia University School of Social Work, and an MBA from Xavier University. He is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees for City University of New York, appointed by the Governor, which has responsibility for the 23 colleges within the New York City area and is Acting Chairman of the CUNY Construction Fund. Further, Philip was appointed to the Business Leadership Council of CUNY (City University of New York), and is on the Panel for Education Policy appointed by the Mayor of New York. He is also on the Advisory Board of New York City Center, an arts and cultural institution. In addition, he is Co-Chair of the Corporate Diversity Council for the Asia Society.

Philip has received numerous awards, most recently the Crossing Borders awards from Feminist Press; and other awards from National Hispanic Corporate Achievers, the National Association of Asian American Professionals; the Quality of Work Life award from Work Life Matters magazine; the 100 Most Powerful Blacks in New York award from Crain Magazine, the Communicator of the Year award from Global HR News and the Governor’s award for Distinction in Community Service.

Biography of John Canning

John Canning is a Los Angeles based Globonder who wears a variety of hats, some of which are the executive producer and videographer for Green Living Project, video game consultant for the Monitor Group, digital media consultant for Disney and Sr. Director of Business Development for Mary-Margaret Network, all under the aegis of his firm Media Sherpa Consulting and Productions. Media Sherpa draws on John's many areas of expertise as well as his vast experience, and allows him to focus on his two passions: Media production in the area of travel and sustainable causes and Cross-platform creation and distribution of interactive media.

John Canning has worked in the Media and Entertainment Industry since 1987 when he worked in the Interactive Television division of Scientific Atlanta. He spent his 10 years there in jobs ranging from Applications Architect/Systems Engineer to Project Manager while simultaneously earning a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Information Design and Technology from Georgia Tech. Since then, his career has spanned media production, delivery methods and multiple platforms.

In 1997, John joined Microsoft as a marketing manager for Cable. He was then made Product Manager for the TV division where he led the integration of VOD, interactive services, conditional access and billing for the Microsoft TV product line. John moved on to be Technical Evangelist at Microsoft's newly formed eHome division. There he led external evangelism for eHome applications and services, and worked with partners in media distribution, content, games and whole home control.

While at Microsoft, John also expanded his proficiency and began freelancing on the creative side of media. He worked as a producer, videographer, photographer and reporter for MSN, MSNBC and Slate.

In 2005, John moved to Yahoo! as Director of Content Distribution. In this role he was field Producer/reporter, Photographer, and 3rd Party liaison for the Richard Bangs Adventures series and was a producer for Yahoo Games and Entertainment.

Throughout his career, John has continued to expand his knowledge, his abilities, and his experience while excelling in his work. As part of that paradigm, he has developed skills and connections in Electronic Gaming, learning how to manage the media delivery life cycle from content creation and transmission to presentation platforms for Media and Games.

John is a sought-after speaker and industry representative who has delivered presentations to audiences all over the world on products, company strategy and industry trends in the areas of Interactive Media, Game Strategy, the Games Industry, Content Creation and Delivery. Such groups as the Canadian Government have called on him to represent the American games industry.

In his "free time" John has a wide range of interests: photography, adventure travel, martial arts, computer gaming, armor making, hiking, camping, whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, improv acting, reading, skiing, rally sports, scuba diving, mt and road biking and caving. He can be reached at and his website is

Biography of Beatrice de Salles (aka Bia)

Bia de Salles was born a citizen of the world. Although she grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, she has always had a bird's eye view of her place in the world and has traveled from her earliest years while visiting her uncle who was an Ambassador in Europe and raised by her mother's noble relatives in Italy.

At 14 years old, she was sent to an International girls boarding school for languages and finishing skills in Switzerland near Geneva and became then a polyglot to make other polyglots envious: In addition to her native Portuguese, Bia is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, French and German; has a basic knowledge of Dutch, Japanese, Hebrew and Chinese. She is a lifelong learner, and later studied Law at Mackenzie University in Sao Paulo, holds an MBA from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in partnership with Northwestern University's Kellogg. Bia also studied Marketing, International Affairs and Human Resources and just recently became an Interior Designer in the USA. She is a Multi-talented Translator & Interpreter for different clients of 500 fortune companies who is constantly studying, learning and updating herself. People are drawn by her positive energy and have always been interested and inspired by her soul and traveling adventures!

All Globonders are very well-connected by definition but Bia is so well connected it is astonishing!

Here are only a few of the memories I have about her: Ten years ago, when I had not yet launched Globond as a company, Bia introduced me to her friend "Martin" at the Harvard Club Dinner the night before a week of a Latin American event to which she was included as a VIP guest from Harvard Business School. The next day I realized that "Martin" was none other than serial entrepreneur, billionaire and philanthropist Martin Varsavsky who gave us then one of the best panels I've ever seen. One morning, Bia called me from India to tell me about her new friend, a journalist at Wall Street named Daniel with whom she insisted I set up a conference call to tell him about Globond. Daniel and I exchanged friendly emails about how lucky we were for having her as a friend and were going to meet soon, but before that he appeared on the news...he has been kidnapped and later murdered in Karachi, Pakistan. Yes, Bia's friend was none other than Daniel Pearl, the Jewish American journalist who served as the South Asia Bureau Chief of the Journal and was stationed in Bombay investigating the case of Richard Reid.

Another time, in the summer of 2001 she called me from Hong Kong to give me the good news that she has been finally sponsored by Morgan Stanley and was relocating to NY. She promised me that the following month she was going to fly to Boston and spend a weekend with us in Gloucester. Bia officially started working in The World Trade Center on September, 10, 2001... next day, all her friends kept writing to me from different continents asking about her. I then realized she was a true citizen of the world who has certainly always inspired many people in the cause of decency and cultural understanding! At that tragic moment I found her offering her support to others in a moment where she has lost not only her job, apartment and all belongings, but also the most precious thing she had finally conquered: Her American Dream!...

Still Bia didn't give up and I picked her up from Logan Airport 3 weeks later and dropped her at an The Langham Hotel for an interview with the board of a Private Equity Team that was meeting in Boston. 14 days later she started working as an Investors Relations Manager for a Boutique Private Investment Bank in Los Angeles and eventually got her sponsorship and her green-card. Recently, while living in California and raising her family, she was also the Marketing Officer at Desert Commercial Bank in Palm Desert and promoted events for EventNet in Palm Springs area. Bia not only is a proud mother of Lorenzo, 6 and Anna Liz, 3 and married to Ata, a handsome Turkish & Graphic-Designer from Istanbul; but she also gets along with everyone, is big-hearted, and a highly motivated communicator. In the earliest stages of Globond, I visited Brazil and met Bia for the first time. She insisted that I stay at her beautiful penthouse, had her driver chauffer me around, her servants (who adored her) cook for me, took me to have lunch at a her sweet grandmother's impressive manor in Morumbi, brought in her stylist to do my hair and make-up and literally gave me the clothes out of her closet to wear. It is not an understatement that Bia helped me portray the luxury of Globond at a time when it was more concept than reality. And she gave these gifts unconditionally as a show of support without expecting anything in return! People like that are rare and a real treasure. And Bia, who was born privileged, gave up all her possessions in Brazil and came here alone to make it by herself. In spite of her family background, (she is the great-grand-daughter of a previous Brazilian President - Campos Salles and was born when both grandparents were Senators, being one considered one of the top 10 Brazil ever had by the "Who's Who Book); Bia has always been extremely humble and determined to make her own way, relying only on her own talents in languages, her knack for communication, networking; and her good taste.

She sits on the board of many different organizations, has received different awards and has been an Ambassador to several local Chambers of Commerce. She has also been involved with the World Economic Forum in DC, India, China and Davos, Switzerland. Got involved with the David Rockefeller Center for Studies at Harvard Business School, while inviting companies to attend their various Summits, for which she also served as a panel mediator.

She has volunteered at many different organizations and done many humanitarian work for underpriviledged women & children and empowered young girls.

She even spent 3 months experiencing life at an Ashram in India and lived in Southeast Asia. Bia is currently part of the Women Leaders Forum in the Coachella Valley and serves on the Board of the Center of Leadership and Partnership Studies with Dr. Riane Eisler, PHD.

When asked who her main role-model in life was, she didn't hesitate and proudly answered that she only is who she is thanks to her dad who is a brilliant attorney in Sao Paulo who has always been her best friend! She said also she has much gratitude for her grandparents, who continually believed in her success and invested in her career and education! With all this life experience and charisma, but not yet being 40, Bia will be going to have to slow down in order for us to catch-up with her memoirs. I am sure that Lorenzo and Anna Liz will make sure to contribute to that! ;-)

For more about Bia or to view her resume check her website at: For more about Globond because the world is huge please visit:

Biography of Joanne Demetra

Joanne Demetra is a talented artisan, designer, decorator, jeweler ,image consultant, merchant, teacher and business woman. Her passion is helping individuals find their path to personal expression.

As an image consultant, Joanne Demetra works with individuals to express their personal individuality from the inside out. For 18 years , Joanne spent going to the Far East on business. There Feng Shui is a way of life…in home and in business and she became intrigued. Never losing her passion for individuals to express their true selves, she decided to find away to combine her passion for dressing with the art of balance from the Far East. She found like minded image consultants who had developed Fashion Feng Shui and became a Fashion Feng Shui facilitator.
Fashion Feng Shui is dressing the whole person speaks to who you are. Fashion Feng Shui takes an authentic, holistic approach to personal image. Based on the principles of Feng Shui, learn how to express your personal energy , ch’i, create balance and intention… along with looking great. . Remember your wardrobe is your most intimate environment.

To adorn the body, artfully designed jewelry of semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, metals, new and antique beads. Each piece is handcrafted by designer Joanne Demetra to reflect a statement of intention to compliment its owner.

Joanne’s jewelry is bold and textural… comprised of beads and stones that she has personally collected from around the world. Her pieces are unique and she creates combinations that are exceptional.

Joanne Demetra has been designing and creating for over 20years adorning the body and the home. She has worked as an artisan creating one of a kind jewelry, accessories and clothing, as well as designer in the apparel industry. Her work is being shown in galleries and has been in the Institute of Modern Art in Boston, MA, Isabelle Stuart Gardner Museum, Boston, Ma and Peabody Essex Museum.She enjoys getting to know her customers, welcomes custom orders and appointments at her Studio. Demetra, Rockport, Ma . Contact:
Personal expression in the home has balance, function and flow with esthetically pleasing results. Whether it is redesigning a room using what you know and love or starting from the beginning Joanne specializes in developing color schemes and redesigning space blending the old with the new. Joanne has attended Boston Museum School in Boston, Ma, Massachusetts College of Art as well as graduating the School of Fashion Design in Boston, Ma. She resides and creates in the seaside town of Rockport, Ma.

Joanne Demetra now does lectures, workshops and personal consultations in Fashion Feng Shui, as well as other image related services. She is available for custom orders , jewelry shows and designing your personal space.

Biography of Susanne Goldstein

Susanne Goldstein is an engineer-designer-filmmaker-business strategist who uses people-centric creative collaboration to accelerate business momentum and to create and build world-changing solutions. Her diverse Hollywood, dot-com and social sector experience provide her with a unique framework for addressing pressing corporate and social issues. With over 20 years consulting experience for organizations as diverse as Microsoft, The US Marine Corps, The Museum of Science - Boston, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Walt Disney Studios and Evite, Susanne’s specialties include creative problem-solving, brand differentiation, experience architecture, social networking and web-based technology solutions.

Susanne has taught graduate course work in “Interactive Product Design and Development” at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco and, as a Fellow at Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership, a class in “Leadership for Social Entrepreneurs”. She is a founding partner in Social Venture Partners - Bay Area, where she led the effort to start an after-school program for low-income families in San Francisco, and founded Social Enterprise in Action, a social enterprise advocacy group at Harvard. She serves on the Boston Board for Peace Games, a Boston-based non-profit that teaches tolerance and peace in public schools around the country, and on the Advisory Board for WorldBlu Inc, a company that promotes organization democracy and freedom-centered leadership in companies.

Susanne, who has worked on over three dozen startups, holds a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School as well as a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an A.B. in Theatre and Film Studies, both from Cornell University. In a former life, she was a movie producer and screenwriter in Hollywood.

Susanne Goldstein is an engineer-designer-filmmaker-business strategist who uses people-centric creative collaboration to accelerate business momentum and to create and build world-changing solutions. Her diverse Hollywood, dot-com and social sector experience provide her with a unique framework for addressing pressing corporate and social issues. With over 20 years consulting experience for organizations as diverse as Microsoft, The US Marine Corps, The Museum of Science - Boston, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Walt Disney Studios and Evite, Susanne’s specialties include creative problem-solving, brand differentiation, experience architecture, social networking and web-based technology solutions.

Susanne has taught graduate course work in “Interactive Product Design and Development” at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco and, as a Fellow at Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership, a class in “Leadership for Social Entrepreneurs”. She is a founding partner in Social Venture Partners - Bay Area, where she led the effort to start an after-school program for low-income families in San Francisco, and founded Social Enterprise in Action, a social enterprise advocacy group at Harvard. She serves on the Boston Board for Peace Games, a Boston-based non-profit that teaches tolerance and peace in public schools around the country, and on the Advisory Board for WorldBlu Inc, a company that promotes organization democracy and freedom-centered leadership in companies.

Susanne, who has worked on over three dozen startups, holds a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School as well as a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an A.B. in Theatre and Film Studies, both from Cornell University. In a former life, she was a movie producer and screenwriter in Hollywood.

Biography of Susan Harrow

Susan Harrow is a respected media trainer, marketing expert and author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul (HarperCollins), The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah, Get Into O Magazine and Get a 6 Figure Book Advance.

Publisher's Weekly called her book "Sell Yourself" a "Rumi-meets-Seth Godin public relations handbook."

Her clients include Fortune 500 CEOs to celebrity chefs, entrepreneurs and best-selling authors and people in unusual professions like a voodoo priestess and Leaders in banning racism, who she helps to double or triple their businesses with PR.

Dozens of her clients have appeared on Oprah, 60 minutes, CNN, CBS, Good Morning America, Larry King Live, Donny Deutsch, and in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Parade, People, Vogue, Elle, O, Forbes, Time, Inc. and more.

She has been featured, profiled or quoted in USA Today, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, Woman's Day, Ladies' Home Journal, Women's Wear Daily, Entrepreneur, Salon Magazine, Pink, the San Francisco Chronicle, The Orlando Sentinel, and Investor's Business Daily, and on NPR, national/syndicated TV and radio.

Biography of Dami Kim

Dami Kim works directly with South Korean CEO, author and innovator Ilchi Lee, who has devoted his life to teaching the world better utilization of the brain for education, health and peace. Ilchi Lee leads a global health-and-wellness network, which includes 600+ yoga centers, 5 meditation-retreat centers (South Korea, Japan, U.S. and Canada), and a wide range of books, products and programs that center on brain utilization and the mind-body connection.

Dami Kim is Director of the Brain Art Festival (, at which Ilchi Lee, international performers and multimedia presentations will celebrate the human brain’s vast potential to create works of art of our lives and for a better world, to be held at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall, August 15, 2009. The Festival is sponsored by the International Brain Education Association (IBREA), New York, NY (, which spreads Brain Education principles and training around the world.

Dami Kim is also Director of the Media Team in Sedona, AZ, which has three parts – Internet (brain-related websites such as,, and, Video and Publishing Teams that serve IBREA and other Brain Education-related clients.
Her final role is that of General Manager of the Sedona Mago Retreat Center (, a 160-acre world-class retreat and training center for healing, rejuvenation, meditation, and training in Brain Education-related courses, in one of the most beautiful natural settings on earth.

Dami Kim previously served as Director of the Strategic Planning Group, developing business opportunities and solving problems for several Brain Education-related clients. She organized Ilchi Lee’s 2008 lecture tour to major United States cities, where he spoke on Brain Education for Successful Aging, the theme of one of his books, In Full Bloom.

Before that, she worked for the Dahn Yoga & Health Centers ( and served as Regional Director of Houston, TX (where she organized many outreach events, including for CEOs and physicians), and Washington, DC (where she expanded the number of centers from 5 to 14). She was Manager of Dahn Yoga Centers in Denver, CO, and Santa Fe, NM. Her first position in the U.S. was coordinating special events and group programs at the newly opened Sedona Mago Retreat Center.
She began her professional career on the staff of the Green Building Project, Korean Energy Management Corporation, Seoul, coordinating civil engineers and landscape architects regarding solar panel systems.

For Dahn Yoga and related organizations for the past 15 years, Dami Kim has been the Master Trainer in these programs: Brain Education, Brain Management, Finding Your True Self, Master-level Healing, Earth Management, Vision Planning, and Tao Lecture Series. She has distinguished herself as a Master Healer and Life Coach (using Tao Principles), helping individuals from a variety of fields – corporate executives, physicians and other professions – improving physical problems, emotional stress, professional/organizational issues, social relationships, and spiritual awareness.

Born in Masan, South Korea, she graduated from Seoul City University, with a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture. The professional education Dami Nim received in the Dahn Yoga organizations in South Korea and the U.S. consisted of Master in Training, Training Trainers, Brain Education, Healing Training, and Energy Training.

Her interests include climbing mountains, traveling the world, dancing expressively, watching comedy movies, and reading a variety of books.

Brett King, MFP RBA CDE CEM CMI (Professor Emeritus)

Brett King is one of the founders of the American Academy of Financial Management (, a global organization dedicated to improving the skills and careers of financial professionals everywhere. King is a successful entrepreneur with interests businesses dotted around the globe. King started as a trainer with the AAFM, but in 1999 became involved in the executive team and has been directly responsible for the off-shore growth of the business now spanning 145 countries. He owns a successful niche consulting operation based in Asia, namely UserStrategy (, which consults for companies like HSBC, Standard Chartered, Ping An Insurance, Cathay Pacific, Shangri-La Hotels, and other world-class brands.

King was awarded an honorary Chair professorship with the China Management Institute in 2002 for his contribution to the China education community and has lectured on MBA and graduate programs such as the Australian Graduate School of Management’s MBA program and as faculty at City University. As a professional speaker, King has presented at conferences in more than 20 countries for organizations like Forbes, The Economist, IIR, The Asian Banker (Chair of the Private Banking & Wealth Management Forum), Deloitte, HSBC, and others...
King previously led Modem Media/Digitas’ (NASDAQ:DTAS) regional business in Asia as Regional Managing Director, and prior to that was the Regional Director of the E-Business Service-Line for Deloitte Consulting (Asia-Pacific-Africa). With close to 20 years experience in Financial Services, and Technology related businesses with an eye on operational strategy and a unique customer perspective.

King is also the President of the Board of Standards for the Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants (ICECC) chapter in Asia, sitting chair of the Anti-Phishing Working Group in Hong Kong, and a Certified Developer of Enterprise™. King was a national finalist in the Achaeus Institute entrepreneurship program (1998.) He maintains residences in Dubai, Hong Kong and Melbourne.

Biography of Ilchi Lee

"Did you bring your brain?" Ilchi Lee ( often begins lectures with this question. Having suffered from and overcome ADHD as a child, he developed a great trust in the vast potential of the human brain and how to use it well. He has become a world-renowned brain educator and brain-business strategist. He believes that by utilizing the brain's full power, humanity can achieve its potential and creatively resolve the serious problems that confront us.

Ilchi Lee is a successful global entrepreneur and a pioneering force in Brain-focused Health and Wellness. He has built his career on many years of experience in Martial Arts, Oriental Medicine and Mind-Body Training. His passionate interest in the brain has led him to innovate a more scientific, brain-focused self-improvement system called “Brain Education.” Overcoming difficult experiences in his youth, such as witnessing the drowning death of his friend and being rejected in attempts to enter college, bred a strong conviction in the power of individuals to change themselves and the world around them. Once he had learned this for himself, he was determined to help others recognize this truth.

For 30 years, Ilchi Lee’s Brain-focused programs and methods have evolved from traditional practices in a South Korean park to a worldwide phenomenon ( Now his unique, brain-focused training approach is offered at more than 600 centers around the world. His Brain Education system is the inspiration for the scientific research of the Korean Institute of Brain Science, an NGO with consultative status with the United Nations, and has helped improve the educational experiences of many American students, teachers and parents. New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg officially proclaimed January 8, 2009 as “Brain Education Day” for its contributions to the New York City schools.

Ilchi Lee has authored 31 books, with the most recent, “Brain Wave Vibration,” offering a clear expression of his methods and philosophy, which is more than enhancement of cognitive functions. He teaches how proper awareness and management of ones brain leads to health, happiness and peace for the individual, humanity and the earth.

Based on his record of business success, Lee has become a consultant in the development and promotion of Wellness enterprises, particularly, Brain-related businesses, as the founder and president of BR Consulting, Inc. ( He has been instrumental in the establishment or development of several Brain-related businesses around the world, and is involved in several new projects and innovations. He has been successful in the holistic development of several meditation and retreat centers in the United States, Canada, South Korea and Japan. Lee has spearheaded or advised several nonprofit organizations dedicated to the advancement of humanity and respect of the earth.

Ilchi Lee is the founder and president of the International Brain Education Association (, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of many people around the world through Brain Education. In the promotion of Brain Education, he has hosted several international brain-theme events, two of which were held at the United Nations. This August he will organize and host the Brain Art Festival ( and Brain Business Expo in New York City.

Although Ilchi Lee is constantly traveling the world to give lectures and provide strategic services, he makes the time to pursue his interests in calligraphy, poetry, marital arts, flute, horseback riding, movies, reading, golf, fishing and hiking.

Biography of Elyce Monet

“The accuulation of wealth and the ability to make a difference can only be sustained when personal and professional integrity is present and consistent.”

President of Connect The Dots Consulting, Inc., Elyce Monet has had the privilege of working with many prominent and influential people. Her clients are carefully selected on the basis of personal and professional integrity and their willingness to grow and change. Elyce has an ability to relate to her peers as equals, reflect back their goodness and special gifts, and help manifest them in a concrete way.

Her passion for life has always revolved around children, the arts, medicine and spirituality. She has worn many hats, including teacher, marketer, singer, mother, wife, healer, counselor, director, producer, playwright, songwriter, business consultant, entrepreneur and visionary.

In the 1980s and 90s, Elyce founded and managed a non-profit theater company and school in the Pacific Northwest. Hundreds of adults and children were trained in the and the community enjoyed 4 theatrical productions a year with audiences of up to 6000 per run. She won numerous awards in her community for her theater work and work with youth. She went on to sing professionally herself, winning numerous awards from the CMAA. In 1996 she founded and became the executive director of two state music organizations and received the Trailblazer award by Airplay International Magazine for leadership in the music industry. In 1999, Positively Entertainment Magazine touted her vocals on her Swing Jazz CD as “pristine… sounding like Michelle Pfeiffer from the movie The Fabulous Baker Boys at that unforgettable Christmas gig.”

In the early 1990s Elyce partnered with Jack Mattice, Ph.D. (one of the founders of what is now called Nichols/Corning Laboratories) to bring the first program of its kind to the U.S. which linked medical doctors to alternative practitioners through a hospital system. “Partners In Health” paved the way in healthcare for alliances between eastern and western medicine. For 10 years, Elyce has been marketing advisor to Dr. Robert Marshall (Premier Research Laboratories) and the Healthline Radio Show. Under her advisement sales have more than quadrupled. She has increased his radio program from 12 markets to 112 markets in the US.

Elyce has been Brand Advisor for Nutritional Therapeutics, Inc., in NY for several years, and has been a marketing consultant for NTI 10. She arranged and developed the endorsement relationship with Mariel Hemingway for Healthy Curb, a weight management product, and was responsible for sell through to retail chains. She currently provides creative for their ad campaigns and is launching another new product, NT Factor. "Keeping It Real…the Key To Health & Happiness” was created and produced by Elyce in 2007 and starred Mariel Hemingway, Dennis Prager and Robert Ferguson. This was the first mind/body/spirit health production that featured performing arts (aerial acrobatics by Stephan Choiniere formerly of Cirque du Soleil) and world class dancers (Melissa Dexter & Giacomo Steccaglia - World Latin Champions) for a unique and exciting approach to health.

Primary sponsors were Gaiam International and Sweet Leaf Stevia. "Size Matters: The Skinny on Hefty Issues" is a new television and radio show created and hosted by Elyce and partner Steven Rosenblatt, MD, Ph.D., OMD, LaC. This show is soon to be aired on The Elevision Network. The radio show which is currently being pitched for syndication through Executive Producer Craig Edwards. One of Elyce’s dreams was to provide a new media platform for the transformation industry. She partnered in 2008 with Ray Blanchard, Ph.D., one of the most renowned transformational trainers in the world, forming World Leaders Alliance, LLC. They launched the “Super Seminar” series in 2008 and have 4 more scheduled. They also provide the marketing and distribution arm for the movie "The Answer"

Out of her heart for transformation, Elyce also recently created a program for youth called Free To Be Me-Youth. It’s unlike any other youth program, empowering youth to know who they really are and connecting them with the leader within.

Biography of Masuda Sultan

Masuda Sultan is an Afghan-American who had dedicated her professional life to the development of Afghanistan and Afghan-American relations.
Initially, In 2001 Ms. Sultan assisted international media organizations covering Afghanistan including CBS and CNN. At this time she ran Women for Afghan Women (WAW), an international organization which advocates for the inclusion of women in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. At WAW she organized women around Afghanistan to give input into the constitution in its drafting process.Ms. Sultan moved on to conduct research and training for Harvard University, the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Institute of Peace, Inclusive Security, Hunt Alternatives Fund, and Radical Funds.

In recent years, she has worked in the areas of investment promotion, economic development, and business planning. In 2006 she founded Insight Consulting, an Afghan firm providing strategic consulting services to international investors and donors. Insight Consulting facilitated the largest private investment in Afghanistan when Etisalat, a U.A.E. based telecommunications company entered the market as the fourth GSM provider.

She currently serves as an advisor to the Ministry of Finance in Afghanistan. In this capacity, she provides technical assistance to the Government of Afghanistan on behalf of donor nations in the areas of public administration reform, private sector strengthening, privatization, and capacity building.

Ms. Sultan holds a Master’s degree from Harvard University, where she studied business and government relations. She is an advisor to the Afghan Business Council in Dubai, Arzu Rugs, and the Business Council for Peace.

She is also fluent in Pashto, an Afghan local language. Her memoir, My War at Home, was published in early 2006 by Simon & Schuster.

Globonders on the Move and in the Media

Bill Reddick will be presenting for Celtaxsys on April 1st, 2009 @ 3:25 pm – 3:40 pm in the Gardner room of the Sheraton Boston Hotel at The Second Annual BIO National Venture Conference.

Gotta get, Gotta read...

I agree completely with the opinion expressed below by Don Mitchell, Top 10 Amazon Reviewer:

"Of all the lists I'm on Susan Harrow's Ezine is by far the most interesting and valuable. She is the one I look most forward to hearing from."

~ Don Mitchell, Top 10 Reviewer

For anyone who wants to better leverage their PR or their PR agency, San Francisco Globonder Susan Harrow's PR enewsletter is indispensable: This daily email is chock full of great ideas, many of them free or inexpensive and all of them invaluable.

Looking For...Construction JV in Afghanistan

Construction JV in Afghanistan

Quwat Construction Company, a company registered to do business in Afghanistan, is looking for a U.S. construction firm to joint venture with in Afghanistan to bid on large projects with the U.S. government (USAID, Army Corps, etc) and donors investing in infrastructure.

The principals of Quwat include:
  • An Afghan-American engineer with 28 years of experience in design and management of large infrastructure projects in the U.S. and Afghanistan. He has recently managed a total portfolio of $400 million in construction projects across Afghanistan.
  • An Afghan-American entrepreneur who has run a consulting firm in Afghanistan for three years. Her firm was involved in the management and operations for the roll out of a large telecommunications project in 2006 across all 34 provinces, and provided services to the government of Afghanistan and various projects for USAID and Asian Development Bank.

The Quwat team has unmatched contacts on ground, and consists of engineers and managers with experience running large projects in country.

Target projects are in $25 million-$200 million range.

The ideal partner for Quwat would be a U.S. based firm with experience working in Iraq. Core strengths should include roads, camps and barracks. Experience in water infrastructure and resources preferred. We have been approached by some firms but are looking for an ideal partner that will allow us to take maximum advantage of the large projects coming on line.

Recommended to and by Kirstin/Globond

Kirstin was lamenting to San Francisco Globonder Susan Harrow that her superpower executive admin was down for the count and could not help with the Globonder Journal due to be sent out to 33,000 Globonders and Friends. Susan Harrow responded “I will introduce you to my fabu webmistress”

And boy was she ever…Virginia Ramirez is a talented web designer who took my emergency request last minute, working tirelessly, in an accurate and conscientious way and with a great work ethic. Surprisingly Virginia was very affordable, and works in the early and late evenings, which works perfect for us. She also does website maintenance and Search Engine Optimization, makes html newsletters and promos and is very experienced in Constant Contact, 1 Shopping Cart and AWeber. Other services offered are Interior Design AutoCAD and 3-D rendering.

Virginia does some grahic design and is also a Certified Expert in Word and Excel so we plan to hire her to do all of our marketing materials and website for the Tectonic Leadership Summit. You can contact Virginia at

Social Tools for everyone

What is and Why Twitter?

According to Wikipedia," Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.

For the small business owner, Twitter is an amazing tool that can expand your reach to customers and potential customers. It can allow you to stay in touch and connect with thousands and thousands of people instantly. It can help drive your brand and communicate with customers in a way that you’ve never been able to before. And so much more."

You can follow Globond by searching for the word Globond. Hope to see everyone "Tweeting"

Globond membership has its privileges

Some new Globonders would like to offer you a healthier body, de-stressed mind, and inner peace in the form of a Dahn Yoga membership, at a 10% discount. Check, Locations, to see if one of the 130 Dahn centers is near your home or workplace.
  • Part of the field of Brain Education, Dahn Yoga is a holistic-health, brain-focused, and energy-circulating training system, whose mission is to empower individuals to become more healthy, happy and peaceful.
  • Dahn is the Korean word for energy, vitality or origin of life. Dahn Yoga is the study of energy (Ki, Chi) and how to use it for personal empowerment by restoring and maintaining optimal mind-body communication.
  • Dahn Yoga methods can be traced back more than 5,000 years into Korean history. The training methods were modernized 30 years ago by Ilchi Lee to help people best by high-stress levels, and incorporate the latest brain-research findings.
  • Dahn Yoga classes include stretching, breathing exercises, meditation, martial arts, brain wave vibration, and energy training. Dahn Yoga also offers special programs, workshops and retreats.
  • Worldwide, there are more than 600 Dahn Yoga Centers, with more than 300,000 active members in South Korea, United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and Brazil).

For more information on Dahn Yoga, its programs, and loads of testimonials, visit or phone 1-877-477-9642. To get your discount, contact Lisa or Kirstin to get your code. Develop a healthier, happiness and more peaceful lifestyle, and you will get more out of Globond and life, and create your legacy.

Special Memories

On Tuesday, February 24, an eclectic, talented group of executives concentrated mostly in the media, entertainment and technology space, gathered together for a Connected Dinner hosted by Ken Rutkowski at the Daffodil Restaurant in the Orchard Hotel San Francisco. There were guests in from Los Angeles, Sedona, AZ, New York City and Boston and the guest list was very impressive...the 70 or so guests included Ian Rogers, Ike Lee, Taylor Milsal, Ann Winblad, Peter Diamandis, Cameron Sinclair and every irrepressible Gina Smith. If you would like to attend one of Ken's Saturday Metal Breakfasts or Connected Dinners please write to

Global Real Estate Opportunities

Picturesque Rockport, Ma

1st floor condo in an antique house that is steps away from the beach and a 5 minute walk to the train to Boston and walk to down town for music, galleries, shopping and dining. 5 room restored condo with recently finished hardwood floors throughout. New windows. Eat in kitchen recently renovated done with granite counter tops. Grounds have beautiful mature flower gardens visible from every window. Move in condition. Off street parking. other pictures available on request.

Selling price $295,000

Monday, March 16, 2009

Looking for…ProCompare

ProCompare, co-founded by Globonder Ravi Srinivasan, is the leading IT experts community-based portal for finding SMB IT products and services, and continues to grow and get attention. If you are looking to find IT experts or find products and services for your business, take a look at For those in the space, register onto the site and start ranking and reviewing products and services. Recommend some as well! You can reach Ravi at

Doing Good, Susan Harrow

San Francisco Globonder Susan Harrow has created The Cosmic Mending Kit, a community to provide a sanctuary for exchanging ideas about creating beauty, joy, freedom and peace within ourselves and the world. It's brand new and you are among the first to be invited to contribute so you won't see any members yet. Today is the first day it went live.

You can post your own cosmic mending kit -- an artistic creation of what nourishes you in dark or difficult times and helps you cultivate inner peace on the site now.

Harrow has also created a cosmic calendar where people pray for peace in any way they choose for a select part of the world. This month she's focusing on Iraq.

She says, "Every month we're going to pray for peace for people in a particular part of the world. Whether your form of prayer is a song, chant, laugh, hum, meditation, poem, dance, or simply the feeling of joy that you send on, we're all for it. You can do this for as long or as little as you like. One time or every day. a minute or an hour. It's up to you.

We believe that by joining our hearts and minds together that we can make a radical shift anywhere in the world and that if we band together being peace that it will melt our differences and disagreements."

She got this idea when she read about how meditators who focused on Washington DC for a month lowered the crime rate by 23.3% when the size of the group was largest during the final week of the project. I encourage you to participate in her project for peace if you feel inclined and to pass this information on to at least 5 other people who would be interested and/or post it to your list(s).