Sunday, July 26, 2009

Globoand Testimonials

“Working with Globond is a productive and delightful strategy in building important business relationships. The moment I became a Globonder, the Executive Team jumped into action, making my business life easier… and a lot more fun. I was heading to an important conference in Brazil but running into visa snags and logistical conference difficulties. Within days, thanks to Globond, I had my visa (no small feat), I was preparing for participation on a conference discussion panel; and by the time I left Brazil , I'd been featured in a Brazilian trade paper in my field. Kirstin and her colleagues do what they say they'll do; and if they're impeded, they'll do their best to come up with something even better for you. I am proud to be a member of Globond, a responsible and serious (yet still fun!) organization, and to find myself in the company of outstanding professionals around the world.”

~ Founder and Director of a Washington, D.C. Metro area company in sustainable tourism

"Within days of my signing up (actually even beforehand), the Globond guys were incredibly proactive in providing assistance for my business objectives in Brazil. They arranged a series of meetings with senior business and legal people in Sao Paulo, many of them contacts that would have taken me ages to establish, if at all"

~ Englishman residing in New York and Private Equity Investor in Latin America

"Joining Globond is like building a first class business development department, overnight. The Globond team is always looking for opportunities to deliver value to members, by facilitating connections, relationships, and transactions between members that they don’t even realize are possible. And if you need something or someone to advance your interests beyond the current scope of the Globond network, they will engage new members to fill the gap, adding value to all."

~ British Founder and CEO of an Innovative Marketing Consulting Firm, based in New York

"I've been associated with Globond since its inception, and I find it to be a powerful networking tool that privileges quality and focus over quantity and chit-chat. It allows you to control how involved you want to be, and doesn't bother you with piles of automatically generated notices of questionable use. I've literally lost track of the many useful contacts I've made through Globond"

~ Founder and head of content for an editorial and media content development company, based in Sao Paulo

"Globond is a fascinating combination of networking and serendipity. My experience with Globond has been very rewarding, and fun. The team has provided opportunities both online and through their exciting events for meetings and associations with people that have made a positive impact on my business. The key ingredient to these events seems to be the ability of the Globond leadership to bring guests in contact with people they didn’t even know they need to know. In many cases the cost of membership is a fraction of the value of the partnerships that have been created through Globond’s connection services. It certainly has been in my case."

~ South African serial entrepreneur, based in Boston

"As Ms. Myers insists saying, I am a natural Globonder, but joining the group had two main reasons: First, because I saw the idea starting back in 1997 and have been following the growth of this concept. I am proud of the results and of all hard work invested by its founder. Secondly because I do believe that together we can make the necessary changes for a better world. Globonders are well connected people that can make the difference. Networking is part of the process for a sustainable future. Therefore I see Globond as an excellent tool for exercising my personal and professional mission."

~ Brazilian Entrepreneur, former Director of a European Bank, based in Sao Paulo

"We were really disappointed that we could not attend the Globond event one Saturday night in Boston. My husband and I had planned a wonderful weekend getaway in Nantucket. Because this was Christmas Stroll weekend on the island, our challenge was to find the perfect place for dinner. I had my heart set on The Pearl which was only reopened for this weekend after closing for the summer. My husband and I began the quest to get into a restaurant that was fully booked with 75 names on the waiting list. He started his network which included a CEO who was dining that evening in a private room at the Pearl and owns 25 acres on the island and a personal friend of the owners (another CEO). As a founding member, I gave the project to Globond. I WON! My husband was VERY impressed. We had drinks later at The Pearl's bar with several of the aforementioned diners at the Pearl (including a few we ran into that evening). No one could believe it. The owner observed us with the crowd around us at the bar and made a point of
introducing herself, thanking us for choosing The Pearl, and to call directly if we were ever back for another visit. The hostess gave us her card and her direct extension."

~ Managing Director of an Investment Firm, based in Boston

“I am a Globonder. Born in Brazil, educated in England, spouse is Japanese. Worked in LA, then a new assignment took us to Moscow. My indispensable source of personal and professional support throughout: Globond.”

~ VP of Marketing for a Consumer Products company

“I was so busy being successful that I had no social life to speak of. Globond came to the rescue and now I have a good like-work balance.”

~ Brazilian Director of a European Bank, based in Paris

“The best executive we ever hired came to us from Globond. They definitely have access to the best pool of talent on the planet.”

~ VP of Business Development for a Corporate Strategy Firm

“Kirstin is on fire. She has the energy of a freight train and the network of a United Nations negotiating team. When she sets her mind to something, you either better help her or get off the tracks - because she's going to get it done in record time. She's a serious entrepreneur, but she always has time for her network!”

~ Member of the Global Leadership Team of a Global Financial Trainingand Certification firm (Dubai and Hong Kong)

"Globond is always making things happen and discovering new opportunities, not only for itself but for all Globonders and their networkers around world. Kirstin is a clever business woman and a great human being. I'm really impressed by her determination.”

~ Marketing and Brand Manager of an Electronics firm in Brazil

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