Monday, July 27, 2009

Globond Basic Services

Globonders receive a set of Basic Services as part of their Membership. These services are discussed and included in the Agreement document between the Globonder and the Globond Team to ensure that the Team can provide real value toward reaching Member goals.

These are the Basic Services that Globond provides for its Members:
  1. Giving you specific strategies to achieve your key goals in the areas of reputation, relationships and revenues.
  2. Providing access to knowledge on how to gain greater benefit from Globond Membership.
  3. Enhancing your biography – of authentic power and full accomplishments.
  4. Setting up your basic social networking approach – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Ping, etc.
  5. Finding you speaking engagements (after confirmation of content and observation of delivery).
  6. Getting the right people to attend your special events (after confirmation of venue, arrangements, etc.).
  7. Recommending premium services for your advanced professional, personal and social success. (Sharing advice concerning premium services is part of the Membership fee. For the planning and implementation of premium services, fees will be charged.)

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