Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Who Cares?

Sao Paulo Globonder Mara Morao is an award-winning Brazilian filmmaker, whose previous film “DOUTORES DA ALEGRIA” was recognized in Brazil and abroad and considered by UNESCO as a movie which promotes a “Culture of Peace”.

Mara has just made her most recent film “Who Cares”, about social entrepreneurs in 20 ONG’s in 11 countries. One of these entrepreneurs is the beloved Wellington Nogueira the head of Doutores de Alegria who are clowns that visit Brazilian hospitals to cheer up sick children and adults. Others featured in the film are Ashoka founder Bill Drayton and Nobel Prize winner Muhamad Yunus. Mara is in the final stages of this film production and has already raised $1.25 million from sponsors such as Bradesco, Natura, Kraft and CSN in Brazil. These companies used funds from the Brazilian Lei Rounet and the Lei Incentivo Audio Visual, which give corporations tax write offs for sponsoring the arts. She is looking for an additional R$ 240,000. to complete the film and an additional US $300,000 for post-production and global distribution for educational purposes. IF you do have Lei Rounet or Lei Incentivo Audio Visual Funds available, or if you are an international company looking to do CSR and good PR at the same time, this is a great opportunity.

Please let get in touch with if you or anyone you know is interested in this project!

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