Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Globond Founder Kirstin Myers Speaks at Social Media Networking Conference

(Adapted from a International Executive Resources Group press release) With the widespread use of the Internet in the late 1990s, businesses began to explore new ways of conducting and connecting with business opportunities both on a national and international level. Now with greater access to social media networking, the fundamentals of human connections and relationships (the basic elements that are hard wired in all of us) have become a vital business strategy for companies to embrace to connect cultures with new business opportunities.

To understand the basic principles first hand, the International Executive Resources Group, Inc., featured four experts offering their insights into the opportunities with international social media networking, November 23, 2009, at the Emerging Enterprise Center at Foley Hoag in Waltham, MA. Among the experts was Kirstin Elaine Myers, founder of Globond International.

Kirstin provided insight into her journey along the way of building international business relationships. Globond, founded in 2002, provides a resource where she connects interested, ethical, talented and humble business people with a social media support system. The company was developed to offer a unique global membership club for tectonic leaders who boldly create business models and social change in today’s profoundly shifting world.

Kirstin had found a way to connect to professionals across the generation gap as well, including the Gen Xer’s who have profound technical knowledge and the baby-boomer generation who were new to this medium. As she put it, “I was now able to connect on a business level with a multitude of generational influencers that opened a great portal of business connection. These connections helped provide me with market research, new technologies and ways to improve my overall business.”

The four experts’ unique perspective and insights provided tangible references and tools for business people to consider utilizing social media networking as part of their overall business strategy. The predominate theme of the event emphasized the importance of allowing a company’s employees to explore the human connection that social media offers in a business setting.

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