Thursday, December 03, 2009

Run for Kids Who Can't, A-T Children's Project

Ataxia-telangiectasia, or "A-T," is a progressive, degenerative disease that affects a startling variety of body systems. Children with A-T appear normal at birth, and the first signs of the disease usually appear during the second year of life. These first signs are usually a "wobbly" lack of balance and slurred speech caused by "ataxia," which means a lack of muscle control.

A-T is presently incurable and unrelenting. If they are lucky enough not to develop cancer, most A-T children are dependent on wheelchairs by the age of ten, not because their muscles are too weak, but because they cannot control them. Later, A-T patients usually die from respiratory failure or cancer by their teens or early twenties. A few A-T patients live into their forties, but they are extremely rare.

The A-T Children's Project, located in Coconut Creek Florida, raises money to fund medical research that will hopefully find a cure or treatment for A-T.

Why not put together a team of Globonders and join Olympic Triathlete Hunter Kemper run or walk to help find a cure for a rare, fatal genetic disease that affects kids? Join the A-T CureTeam and make a difference!

The A-T Children's Project has teams of runners at some of the country's most popular races, including the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, and the Inaugural Kauai Marathon and Half Marathon.

Imagine sparkling blue water - pristine white sand beaches - lush rainforests. For the first time, all of these features and more will be seen from a runner’s-eye view during the inaugural Kauai Marathon. Kauai’s tropical paradise will become the backdrop for this world class event. All team members who meet their fundraising minimums will receive coach airfaire and three nights at the Grand Hyatt at the magnificent Poipu Beach on Kauai. And, we give you all the tools that you need to raise the funds, including personal fundraising webpages. Scheduled over Labor Day weekend, the event will be an amazing way to connect with friends and family, recharge, run a great race, win an inaugural medal, and most importantly, help make sure that kids with this rare disease get the first-rate research that they deserve.

The A-T Children's Project is a nonprofit organization that raises funds for first-class research, scientific workshops, and a clinical center, all aimed at finding a cure or life-improving therapies for ataxia-telangiectasia, or A-T for short. A-T causes progressive loss of muscle control, immune system problems, and a strikingly high rate of cancer, particularly leukemia or lymphoma. Kids with A-T are born seemingly healthy. Yet, they usually rely on wheelchairs by the time that they are 10, and it is often fatal by the late teens.

To find out more about putting together a team of Globonders for the Kauai marathon or any of our other race weekends, or to learn more about our cause, please visit our website at and click on the A-T CureTeam logo, or call 1.800.5.HELP.A-T. Or, you can email me directly at We look forward to seeing you there!

Jennifer Thornton,
Executive Director
A-T Children's Project

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