Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Hong Kong/Dubai/Melbourne Globonder Brett King & Globond Founder Kirstin Myers in Athens

The International Academy of Financial Management (IAFM) presented this Thursday (26th November) in cooperation with SBC TV (Satellite Business Channel), the very first ANNUAL LEADERS ROUNDTABLE in Athens.

Key speakers presented their positions for the upcoming conditions on global and local markets to an audience consisting of 80 of the top businessmen and executives of Greek industry.

IAFM has a long history of pioneering such events with respect to professional and social development, but this event brought to the Greek capital members and affiliates from across the globe to participate in this executive exchange. Panel members included Globonder Brett King from the Board of the IAFM, Remy Cohen of Cohen&Co, Kirstin Myers of Globond and Alkis Magdalinos advisor of the HEPO.

The conference focused on the development of the global economy emerging from the financial crisis, along with strategies and tools for adapting to the new market. Discussion on innovation, corporate diplomacy and change management were also presented and discussed with the bankers, industrialists and presidents of professional associations that were in attendance.

Brett said “The financial crisis is just the beginning for retail institutions. The toughest challenges are yet to come. Continued technology innovations, Web 2.0, social networking, app phones and mobility are stretching traditional banking models to the limit. Customer behavior is rapidly changing, why cheques are disappearing and your mobile phone will replace your wallet – all within the next 10 years."

He mentioned his upcoming book Bank 2.0 and his findings that "90-95% of bank transactions are executed electronically today. Internet, ATM, Call Centre and Smartphones have become mainstream for customers, while banks still classify these as ‘alternative channels’ and maintain an organization structure where Branch dominates thinking."

When Kirstin asked how many attendees were on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, she was surprised to learn that only 2 of the Greek attendees were using any of those social media. She urged them to get connected with rest of the world on these platforms and spoke of a new world which has resulted from “Tectonic Shifts”. The world needs Tectonic Leadership she explained while pointing out that the word Tectonic means not only destruction but creation; the origin of word is the Greek “Tektonios” which means builder.

Kirstin also spoke about the huge opportunity for emerging players like Greece to take their proper place on the world stage and to help lead the new world via their excellent relationship skills, priority on the family and balance between their personal and professional life. She reminded them that Greece was the birthplace of democracy and that it was in Sparta where 300 brave men fought to their death to defend their principles and way of life.

The roundtable was moderated by Athanasios Papandropoulos, emeritus President of the European Journalists associations.

The Deputy Minister of Finance, Ph. Sachinidis was the sponsor of the event representing the City of Athens and the Greek government.

Earlier that day, Brett and Kirstin were interviewed for an hour on SBC, Athens’ financial channel and Bloomberg partner.

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