Monday, January 19, 2009

We are the “Super-Conductor for the Super-Connected”: a Connection and Transformation Engine for global, influential, well-connected and interesting people from every country and sector in the world, exponentially multiplying the power that we have individually.

We see the world like a big puzzle, and each new Globonder is a piece which we recognize because Globond sees the whole picture. Working together in such a community brings unlimited potential to us and to our members. The three business drivers that enable us to find the right pieces and unite them are Serendipity, Synergy and Synchronicity.

Why be a Globonder?
Globonders are globetrotting, influential, well connected, sophisticated, interesting, ethical, and humble. They have huge goals, brands to manage, curiosity about the world, and the desire to have a big impact and the willingness to give.

Why choose Globond?
Globond will help you create a brand if you have none and strengthen and manage it if you do. Globond will introduce you to people that you might not otherwise meet. By doing the hard work of networking for you, Globond allows you to have more time to manage your professional and personal life, hence creating a better balance.

Globond offers to help you achieve your goals with less time and energy spent, with more fun, and exponentially multiplying the results. We reinforce what you have already done well, and help neutralize where you need improvement. Globond can get you exposure: We are not a PR firm but are known for our taste, judgment and selectivity. We tell your story in a way that gets you the attention you deserve. We're just as focused on your goals as you are, and our persistence will hold you accountable to their achievement.

Globond offers a place where information, noise and people can be filtered; you will feel loved for who you are and not what you do.

What does it take to become a Globonder? You must meet at least 75% of the criteria:
Good reputation, highly ethical and trustworthy;
Humbleness and tolerance for differing points of view and understanding of cultural differences around the world;
A desire to help others achieve their goals and dreams,
Intellectual curiosity
Multi-lingual (or willingness to learn new languages);
Lived in or have traveled to foreign countries
Have held senior positions in business, government, or third sector;
Have established business, government and/or social networks throughout the world;
Resourceful, creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial;
Proven leadership abilities;
Commitment to improving the social or economic welfare of people around the world.

If you would like to discuss you and Globond's future together more in depth, please contact:
Kirstin Elaine Myers, President and Founder
c/o Lisa Reed, Executive Admin
857-222 9343

Globond...because the world is huge

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