Friday, January 09, 2009

Satisfying Marketplace Needs

Satisfying Marketplace Needs

At the Nantucket Conference in April, 2005 British Petroleum CIO John Cross said that he would not pay for information anymore because it is a commodity but that he will pay for access to the right people. Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that Google wants to create a search tool that tells us what we should be looking for. The Killer Application which includes both ideas is Globond.

The current popularity of social and business networks in a bewildering world of virtual and real-life meetings is well-attested. Networked organizations are more powerful than individuals working alone; no individual can be equally connected, comfortable and competent all over the world. A well-organized networking group can help solve problems that may have seemed insurmountable in the past.

However, services offered by current providers in the networking market lack privacy and quality and relevance for the niche that is our target. Globond therefore goes one step further by solving the Adverse Selection problem as part of the business model, providing many benefits to the members. From Market Analysis, we have seen how Globond is ideally positioned to grow in the current marketplace. Globond provides:

· a connection engine, a superconductor for the super-connected who often do not have time or energy to manage their existing network, much less grow it globally with the same care and attention.
· access to the exclusive and selected resources and connections of the entire Globond network.
· Promotion and Advocacy of Globonders and their interests, on both personal and professional levels

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