Monday, March 16, 2009

Doing Good, Susan Harrow

San Francisco Globonder Susan Harrow has created The Cosmic Mending Kit, a community to provide a sanctuary for exchanging ideas about creating beauty, joy, freedom and peace within ourselves and the world. It's brand new and you are among the first to be invited to contribute so you won't see any members yet. Today is the first day it went live.

You can post your own cosmic mending kit -- an artistic creation of what nourishes you in dark or difficult times and helps you cultivate inner peace on the site now.

Harrow has also created a cosmic calendar where people pray for peace in any way they choose for a select part of the world. This month she's focusing on Iraq.

She says, "Every month we're going to pray for peace for people in a particular part of the world. Whether your form of prayer is a song, chant, laugh, hum, meditation, poem, dance, or simply the feeling of joy that you send on, we're all for it. You can do this for as long or as little as you like. One time or every day. a minute or an hour. It's up to you.

We believe that by joining our hearts and minds together that we can make a radical shift anywhere in the world and that if we band together being peace that it will melt our differences and disagreements."

She got this idea when she read about how meditators who focused on Washington DC for a month lowered the crime rate by 23.3% when the size of the group was largest during the final week of the project. I encourage you to participate in her project for peace if you feel inclined and to pass this information on to at least 5 other people who would be interested and/or post it to your list(s).

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